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  1. sinulord

    Princess Marie Therese von Hohenburg and Anthony Bailey: October 27, 2007

    Then why be a member of the Royal Forums at all? Ironic..
  2. sinulord

    90th Birthday Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth: May and June 2016

    Just recently my country was affected by the biggest cyclone ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. For the victims who suffered losses and mourned loved ones, the Queen sent a condolence message and gave a generous personal donation through various charities. Our island nation, Fiji...
  3. sinulord

    Mixed Royals and Group Pictures

    And Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg also in the 2002 Golden Jubilee Garter Procession.
  4. sinulord

    Incestuous Royal Marriages

    The inability to produce children in itself can be an indication of genetic birth defects.
  5. sinulord

    Marie Chantal, Crown Princess Pavlos Jewellery 1: Ending 2023

    Thanks snowflower! Are you referring to Queen Maria of Yugoslavia? In my opinion her fringe is way too big compared to the one owned by MC. I think you will notice this when you compare the photos. What do you reckon?...
  6. sinulord

    Marie Chantal, Crown Princess Pavlos Jewellery 1: Ending 2023

    I had hoped that Marie-Chantal's fringe was the one that Princess Patricia owned, bequeathed to her by her mother. I've always admired that fringe tiara for its modesty - just like the one MC owns. Is it possible that Mr. Miller bought that particular one for MC? What actually happened to...
  7. sinulord

    The Royal Family Order (RFO) and other Royal Orders and Decorations 1: Ending 2022

    I have a question... i dont know if this is the right forum, but could someone please satisfy my curiosity. I read on Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich's wikipedia article that he also received the Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order. Does anyone know when he received it and which monarch...
  8. sinulord

    Colorized photos of the Romanovs

    great work AnastasiaEvidence.... well done... the last one is also my favourite
  9. sinulord

    Ingrid - Queen of Denmark, born Princess of Sweden (1910-2000)

    Her eyes express so much warmth, kindness and love.
  10. sinulord

    German Royal and Noble Titles & Protocols

    could anyone please explain the difference between prince/princess "zu" and prince/princess "von" (and the territorial designation)?
  11. sinulord

    Royals & Nobles and Wealth, Costs and Finances

    Well all their wealth is immaterial considering how politically insignificant that micro-state is. Do you think all this wealth would matter of war were to start in Europe?
  12. sinulord

    Grand Ducal House of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (Wettin)

    The current Head of the Grand Ducal House is HRH Prince Michael-Benedikt (b.1946), succeeding his father Hereditary Grand Duke Karl Augustus upon his death in 1988. His designated heir is his cousin Prince Wilhelm-Ernst since he does not have a son (yet). Prince Michael-Benedikte is also the...
  13. sinulord

    Russian Imperial and Noble Jewels

    good question auntie.... my guess is that most might have been bequeathed to her daughters.... it would be very interesting to know the details of their whereabouts....
  14. sinulord

    Russian Imperial and Noble Jewels

    Duchess of Edinburgh & of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Once again, the magnificent jewels of HI&RH The Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, Duchess of Edinburgh & Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, a truly elegant royal of her time.
  15. sinulord

    Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany (1853-1884)

    Thanks so much PssMarie-Elizabeth for the great photos.
  16. sinulord

    Russian Imperial and Noble Jewels

    Somehow I'm always fascinated by the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna, being the spoilt only daughter of the Tsar and the only Russian Grand Duchess in history to marry into the British Royal Family, despite the strained relations between Britain and Russia at that time. What mesmerizes me the...
  17. sinulord

    Russian Imperial and Noble Jewels

    Does anyone have any fotos of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna, Duchess of Edinburgh & of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha wearing her magnificent jewels? I recall bumping into this website which had a beautiful portrait of her, the Duke of Coburg and her children attending the coronation of the Tsar...
  18. sinulord

    The Wit and Humour of Prince Philip

    Point taken. My humble apologies to Jo of Palatine and to all whom I may have offended in this forum.
  19. sinulord

    The Wit and Humour of Prince Philip

    And apparently, it is obvious that he does not have the skills of diplomacy that is required of "high profile public persona" - and what's more, the consort of the British Sovereign. Then again, diplomacy is not inherited, it is acquired. Probably he never had the education. Let me think...
  20. sinulord

    The Wit and Humour of Prince Philip

    What a joke! As long they were in the Nazi army, they were Nazis. This is the very reason his sisters were not invited to his wedding in 1948. And by the way, once you were a Nazi, you were all responsible for the war crimes, whether you did the actual murdering or not.
  21. sinulord

    The Wit and Humour of Prince Philip

    O come on people. Prince Phillip isn't all angel you know. Remember he does come from a family background with racist tendencies. Didn't all his sisters marry Nazis?
  22. sinulord

    Princely Houses of Sayn-Wittgenstein 1: Ending 2023

    Thanks rosou. Now my next question is, since I'm not that familiar with the Berleburg genealogy, who will inherit if Prince Gustav does not have issue.
  23. sinulord

    Elizabeth II: Oldest British Monarch (Dec 20 2007); 2nd Longest Reign (May 12 2011)

    Yes Warren, as far as the 1874 - 1987 era is concerned. The British monarch was also traditionally Fiji's paramount chief from 1874 to 1970 since Fiji was a colony in those years, and from 1970 to 1987, when Fiji was a member of the Commonwealth realm. Fiji then became a republic from 1987...
  24. sinulord

    Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna and other claimants to the Throne 2: Oct '06-Jun '08

    Exactly my point. I fully support Maria and George's claim. I was just stating that if anyone of the morganauts were to make a claim, it would be Dmitri. However, they do not have any right to claim at all, least of all Nicholas.
  25. sinulord

    Elizabeth II: Oldest British Monarch (Dec 20 2007); 2nd Longest Reign (May 12 2011)

    Without doubt, yes. But no need to be so high headed about it. In fact, it was the second offer of cession that was accepted by Queen Victoria. By then the British were alarmed at how German and French imperialism was expanding in the Pacific. In addition, the British in the Pacific were...
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