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  1. meac

    Queen Cristina!

    She looks like a Queen. From
  2. meac

    Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2007

    Leo look's like a ceramic doll. she is really sweet.
  3. meac

    Felipe Juan Froilán de Marichalar's First Communion: May 24, 2007

    the communion date is 24th of may!!
  4. meac

    Letizia Gives Birth to Second Daughter - Sofía!: April 29, 2007

    Welcome little Infanta Bienvenida S.A.R la Infanta Doña Sofia de Borbon
  5. meac

    Infanta Sofia's possible godparents

    I vote Cristina and about the godfather maybe a Felipe cousins like Bruno Gomes - Acebo or Prince Nikolaos of Greece
  6. meac

    Princess Máxima has been Admitted to Hospital!

    I'am so Happy I wish the princess have a save delivery
  7. meac

    Spanish Visit to Colombia & State Visit to El Salvador & Guatemala: March 26-30, 2007

    more of Guatemala visit - Antigua recibe a reyes de España http//
  8. meac

    Infanta Cristina and Family, Current Events Part 8: December 2006 - January 2007

    thanks the pics are lovely irene looks so happy and Iñaki and Cristina looks so in love
  9. meac

    Infanta Cristina and Family, Current Events Part 7: September - December 2006

    cristina looks amazing and irene is a real doll
  10. meac

    Infanta Leonor's First Birthday: October 31, 2006

    Feliz Cumpleaños S.A.R. Doña Leonor
  11. meac

    Princess Letizia is pregnant with the second girl!!!

    congratulations, felicidades a los principes por el nuevo bebe
  12. meac

    Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2006

    wow thanks monica the pictures are beautiful the urdangarin are my favorite family to. Irene is so cute
  13. meac

    Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2006

    I can see they are distant but a I think is mabe the royalhouse give more Important place to the prince family but that things hapened,because they are the crownprince family and the infantas they are only the daughters of the kigs but they are importan to and have a beautiful kids that is the...
  14. meac

    Your very only favourite princess

    My Favorite Is H.R.H The Infanta Cristina Of Spain
  15. meac

    Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2006

    I love this photo Irene look like a little angel Leonor looks like a little doll nice pictures thaks
  16. meac

    Your favourite Royal Couple?

    Infanta Cristina and Iñaki urdamgarin Prince Felipe de borbon and Letizia ortiz Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar
  17. meac

    Royal & Celebrity Dream Couples

    My Spanish Royals Dream Couples Prince Felipe de Borbon - Princess Madeleine of Sweden Infanta Elena de Borbon - Prince Charles of England(ja ja ja) Infanta Cristina de Borbon - Prince Federik of Denmark Infanta Leonor de Borbon - Felix of Denmark Froilan de Marichalar - Princess Catharina...
  18. meac

    Royals Visiting The Pope

    Infanta Cristina and iñaki visiting the Pope from corbis
  19. meac

    Funny face of the royals

    princess Letizia(from wireimages)
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