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  1. Olka

    Victoria's Funniest Faces

    Good teeth anyway :smile:
  2. Olka

    HRH Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Tatiana Blatnik: August 25, 2010

    I was wondering about the same thing....Normally the crowns are used during orthodox wedding ceremonies...
  3. Olka

    Monaco Grand Prix 2006 - 2023

    I completely agree with that. I watched the F1 on TV, Andrea's behaviour seemed quite strange to me also...:ermm:
  4. Olka

    Prince & Princess of Asturias's Official Visit to Poland: May 6-8, 2008

    I've just came back from the Cervates Institute, I took some pictures, but they are of poor quality. And I have no idea how to post them :ermm:. It was nice to see them, I stood maybe 2,5 meters from the princely couple.
  5. Olka

    Inquiry on the former partners of Philippe

    As far as I remember the girl was Adriana Torres de Silva and she was from Seville, Spain. Queen Fabiola was more than pleased with this, as the girl was catholic and Spanish, just like Fabiola was/is. The author of the text I read even stated, that Fabiola was the one who introduced Philip and...
  6. Olka

    Baptism of Princess Ariane: October 20, 2007

    A very nice one, I'd say. :wub: And Queen Beatrix has a very nice outfit, I like it. Not very sure about Ines and Mabel....:smile:
  7. Olka

    Christening of Infanta Sofía: July 15, 2007

    As far as I can see, Letizia has one more bracelet on her right hand, I suppose with Sofia's name (just like with Leonor's) - I think that's a nice symbol:wub:
  8. Olka

    International homage to H.S.H. Princess Grace of Monaco

    La saga Grace Kelly
  9. Olka

    Princesses Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, News 2 (June - December 2007)

    I've never seen the pictures used for this video. They are simply gorgeous YouTube - Portret van een Prins= :wub:
  10. Olka

    Photo Shoot for Alexia's Second Birthday: June 26, 2007

    I watched the three videos, they are simply gorgeous....I would love to know what they said in the interview and during the photosession...could anyone translate them for us?:wub:
  11. Olka

    Photo Shoot for Alexia's Second Birthday: June 26, 2007

    What else to say....lovely family:rolleyes:
  12. Olka

    Presentation of Infanta Sofía: May 4, 2007

    It was said that the Princess and the little one will leave Ruber between 5 and 6 p.m. today.:smile:
  13. Olka

    Prince Juan Carlos of Spain & Princess Sofia of Greece 1962

    Wonderful pics...:wub:
  14. Olka

    The Royal Family of Spain, Current Events Part 14: February - March 2007

    Leonor grew to be a very beautiful little girl! :smile:
  15. Olka

    70th Birthday Celebrations of King Harald V of Norway

    Is it for the first time Maria-Teresa is wearing this tiara? I don't think I ever saw it, but I'm not sure....:smile:
  16. Olka

    Death of Erika Ortiz, Princess Letizia's Sister: February 7, 2007

    I had the same impression when watching the video...that Letizia wanted to respect the protocol and curtsey the King, while his reaction was more like "that's not necessary, you don't have to curtsey". A normal and human reaction, I'd say, as Letizia is, for sure, passing terribly difficult...
  17. Olka

    Death of Erika Ortiz, Princess Letizia's Sister: February 7, 2007

    Oh my God, what a shock....I'm just watching everything on the TV, poor them....
  18. Olka

    Unidentified, Mystery and Lost Royal Jewels

    Wow, that is a piece of art....I'm impressed.:rolleyes:
  19. Olka

    How Long Before the Engagement?

    Yes, it is a great and unbelievable story...I read Marta Schad's book about the Swedish Royal Family and it is written that the Swedish people admire a lot Prince Bertil and Lilian for their attitude, love and sense of duty.
  20. Olka

    "The Queen" (2006) - Film about Elizabeth II and the Death of Diana

    I watched it few days ago, I really liked it, it was a great one. I loved the way the Queen speaks and her humour, the actress was just fantastic.
  21. Olka

    The Nobel Prize 2002 - 2012

    What a pity they don't show CP Victoria more. Ladies look beautiful (princess Lilian looks really nice, the dress suits her). I hope there will be a chance to see them all better.
  22. Olka

    HSH Prince Albert Current Events 20 : Oct.2006 - Dec.2006

    :smile: Nice article, and Sibiu is a very nice city, I visited it and I liked it. I think it will also be a good occasion for the Romanian royal family (deposed, but living and working in Romania) to have some public acts. :smile:
  23. Olka

    Princess Anita Expecting 1st Child

    As far as I remember, in the official statement they said the baby was due in November, without specifying exactly if at the beggining, in the middle or at the end. Anyway I also think it could happen any time now...:smile:
  24. Olka

    Infanta Leonor's First Birthday: October 31, 2006

    Great photos, the little one in gorgeous. What a pity there are only three, it would be great to have more of them. But this must have been the royals' decision, to release only three.
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