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  1. notyourgirl

    Which Royal Was Born On Your Birthday?

    Marie Antoinette 2 November 1755 :lol:
  2. notyourgirl

    I'm new!

    snowball snowball, i love snow~! Hello and welcome
  3. notyourgirl


    Salut! Welcome :]
  4. notyourgirl

    A Potential Wife for Prince Harry

    I am afraid that woman would be hated, and people would say she entered military only to meet him and get married to him...:ermm: just like most people think about Tessy, the wife of Prince Louis of Luxembourg :sad: I like Chelsy, and I would like them to be together... but if they decide that...
  5. notyourgirl

    Funeral of Grand Duchess Charlotte: July 1985

    I am sorry, the only thing I have found is this... maybe it would be worth to ask there whether they have any pics, since some people posted unpublished photos of the Grand Duchess, they might even have the funeral photos. Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxemburg
  6. notyourgirl

    If You Were A Royal?!

    if that question were to be asked, then you'd have to specify whether the person was born rich or became rich through work... and it is a difficult question, the answers would make you think how empty are someone's words... if someone was born rich, whether he/she will help someone else out...
  7. notyourgirl

    Strapless Wedding Gowns

    a strapless dress at a wedding? well, i think it's fine, it's like Maura724, the main focus is on the bride and the wedding... however some people do pay attention to what the bride is wearing. and the comment about men? well, you know, men are men... a woman in a strapless dress can undress...
  8. notyourgirl

    Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Family: Married Life

    I can't wait to see their future babies :smile: Yes I agree, they seem to really love each other, I believe they will last together forever!
  9. notyourgirl

    HGD Guillaume: Relationship Musings and Suggestions

    :smile: I was half-serious about it. HGD Guillaume seems like a serious and strict person, so I don't think he'd resort to that. And for all we know, he might as well be hiding his girlfriend somewhere right now. We actually don't know how royals feel about being in the spot light, it may as...
  10. notyourgirl

    Prince Félix, Current Events 5: July 2008 - May 2013

    To be honest with you, I got the same impression as you upon seeing his pictures... also he seems to be a playboy to me. But I don't know him, so I can't say what is true.
  11. notyourgirl

    "Hottest Heads of State" Poll - How They Ranked!

    King Jigme is definitely very handsome.
  12. notyourgirl

    How Many Children Will They Have?

    Prince William And Catherine: 3 or 4, the first being a baby girl :smile:
  13. notyourgirl


    I see I forgot to say hi, teehee :whistling: So here I am, I used to be following several royals and observing them grow up, now I'm back and I want to see those royals have kids, so that I can see them grow up :smile: :wub: babies :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: hahah, I'm a great example of what...
  14. notyourgirl

    If You Were A Royal?!

    If I were a royal, I would be a one peculiar royal, lol... i'm too hyper to be one. Royals have to be down-to-earth and regal, royal females have to be feminine and i lack feminineness a lot.... i'm not fit to be one.
  15. notyourgirl

    HGD Guillaume: Relationship Musings and Suggestions

    While everyone is curious to see the wedding, I'm curious to see his future babies :-D Since many people want to see him getting married, I suggest he goes abroad to a country where he would be unrecognized by many people, and lie about his identity by acting as a regular guy. very high chances...
  16. notyourgirl

    General Information and Questions about the Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family

    it's practical, LOL, you can write with your right-hand and at the same time see the exact time :)
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