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  1. abcdxyz

    Baby Cambridge: Potential Names and Godparents

    I'm not sure about that. James VI of Scotland became James I of England when he succeeded Elizabeth I. Wouldn't an Alexander (if he chose to reign with that name) be Alexander (I) of the United Kingdom?
  2. abcdxyz

    Baby Cambridge: Musings and Suggestions

    Thanks for correcting me on this! She should thus be referred to as the Duchess of Cambridge in media reports, correct? At any rate, not as Kate Middleton!
  3. abcdxyz

    Baby Cambridge: Musings and Suggestions

    Well, she's not Princess Catherine, she's Princess William, but Kate Middleton is not her name, either. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge should be the way she is referred to in print and broadcast reports, I agree.
  4. abcdxyz

    Baby Cambridge: Potential Names and Godparents

    I'd like to see the future monarch christened with a traditional but not commonly used name. There are many choices for a girl: Alexandra, Charlotte, and my favorite, Augusta. I think boys are harder. There seem to be a never-ending list of Henrys, Georges, and Edwards in the BRF. I...
  5. abcdxyz

    The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant!

    Well, Elizabeth, Duchess of York, was not a princess when she delivered the current queen. She was Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon prior to her marriage to Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George (aka Bertie), Duke of York. Her father was the Earl of Strathmore.
  6. abcdxyz

    Catherine & William: 'Closer' Magazine and Breach of Privacy - September 2012

    I feel sorry for the duchess in this situation, but she is smart. I bet this doesn't happen again. She will always know to wear a bikini or a bandeau top from now on, no matter how private she thinks her surroundings are.
  7. abcdxyz

    Wedding of William & Catherine: Reflections on the Royal Wedding

    On watching the reruns of the wedding this weekend, and having seen various photos of Catherine over the past year, I have to say that I think it is time that she did something with all that hair. She should either have it dressed in a chignon every day, or cut it shorter. Perhaps she could...
  8. abcdxyz

    The Duchess of Cambridge Current Events 1: April 29, 2011-January 2012

    I am a U.S. citizen and live in the U.S., but I'd gladly mail the British government a buck or two a year for the pleasure of enjoying the British royal family! Maybe they should set up a subscription service for those of us overseas. Pay it through PayPal! Could be the first time the royal...
  9. abcdxyz

    "The Tudors" (2007-2010) - Showtime Drama Series on Henry VIII's Reign

    I haven't seen the whole series yet, but I'm finding it distracting that Henry is portrayed pretty much as a madman. Maybe he is just acting like an absolute monarch and to our eyes that looks like madness? We aren't really accustomed to absolute rulers nowadays, except for Gadhafi and people...
  10. abcdxyz

    First-born Child - How Long After The Wedding?

    Going way back: Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn married January 25, 1533. The incomparable Elizabeth Tudor (Queen Elizabeth I) was born September 7, 1533. 7 months, 13 days
  11. abcdxyz

    Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall's Wedding: July 30, 2011

    I wish Anne would give it up and realize that prints just don't work for something like this. The closest you can get is a subtle brocade or patterned weave, I think. Her purple print outfit at the Cambridges' wedding in April was hideous, too.
  12. abcdxyz

    Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall's Wedding: July 30, 2011

    Except that it's completely different! They're both big white dresses, but that's the end of the similarities, as far as I can see. I love the structural front seaming and the dropped waist. I thought it was lovely. I'm a fan of sleeves on wedding dresses, but at least her shoulders were...
  13. abcdxyz

    English/British Queens and Queen Consorts

    On a completely different subject, has anyone else noticed that some media outlets are calling Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother "Queen Elizabeth I"? How ignorant can you get? I've seen this at least twice, once in Time Magazine online. Don't they have any fact checkers?
  14. abcdxyz

    Prince William's Suitability to be King

    In fact, that's exactly the route that Edward VII took! I love Queen Elizabeth I, also, but that's pretty harsh on those who have come after her. Victoria, while a pill, presided over a great period in the nation's history--nah, you might just be right after all!
  15. abcdxyz

    State Visit from the President of the United States: May 24-26, 2011

    All in all, I'm not as embarrassed as when George H.W. Bush threw up on the Japanese prime minister or when Ronald Regan fell asleep while conversing with the Pope. Not as embarrassed by a LONG shot!
  16. abcdxyz

    State Visit from the President of the United States: May 24-26, 2011

    Actually, I think that Camilla wears the Boucheron tiara very well, much better than the Queen Mother did, in fact. I think she must be a little bigger.
  17. abcdxyz

    State Visit from the President of the United States: May 24-26, 2011

    Mrs. Obama's dress is "OK," but why is she wearing a pink jacket with an aqua dress?
  18. abcdxyz

    Pippa Middleton: May 2011-May 2017

    Where did they meet? It's my theory that, while the press speculation that Kate went to Marlborough and St. Andrews specifically to hook Prince William is bosh, the Middletons have sent their daughters to good schools in the hopes of their marrying up. Just so happened that Kate got the...
  19. abcdxyz

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Royal Honeymoon Poll

    I kinda thought Margaret's villa on Mustique might be the destination. But I expected a majorly expensive trip. I guess "normal" for the BRF is not you and me, but Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and others in that category. I'm sure this isn't any more lavish a trip than many rock stars and movie...
  20. abcdxyz

    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Dress

    There's another lady in Australia who says that Kate's dress was very similar to hers which she wore in 1954 and that it was made by her next-door neighbor. - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News
  21. abcdxyz

    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Dress

    As long as she doesn't look like one of the York girls! ITA--OK, it's a long white dress with a big skirt and some lace on it. How different can it really be? Sarah Burton's latest collection with the weird skirts and all--that's not what Catherine or anyone else really wants to wear. Normal...
  22. abcdxyz

    Wedding of William & Catherine: Reflections on the Royal Wedding

    I think my surprise was the dress. I absolutely loved her choice, but I had expected her to go with a slender dress (think Princess Alexandra). Obviously, a soft, flowing design would not have had the grandeur, but a straight skirt with a grand train could have worked. So when she got out of...
  23. abcdxyz

    Wedding of William & Catherine: Something and blue

    The editors of this photo journal, which is fantastic, btw, have it all wrong. They keep referring to the couple as "Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge." Perhaps they were confused by "the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall." Royal Wedding Ceremony (photos) |
  24. abcdxyz

    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Dress

    Hence the term, "sweetheart neckline"?
  25. abcdxyz

    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Dress

    Yes, I agree the neckline would have been better if it were higher, but I'm just thrilled to see a bride with her shoulders and arms covered. These days that's a rarity!
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