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  1. pinkie40

    Sarah, Duchess of York Current Events 12: July-October 2008

    Oh dear, it is being reported today on that on Monday Sarah was subjected to an extensive search at LAX airport. I am sure she was NOT amused at all.
  2. pinkie40

    Diana's Eating Disorders and Health Issues

    I wonder if Diana's eating disorder ever affected Prince William or Harry or the parenting thereof?
  3. pinkie40

    Anna Anderson's claim to be Grand Duchess Anastasia

    I believe Olga did the "humane" thing (in Olga's way of thinking) in not identifying Anna as Anastasia because it would have been too much for the Dowager Empress to handle. Olga was much too polite when it came to family politics and she knew good and well how life would become upset on many...
  4. pinkie40

    The Diana, Princess of Wales Fountain and Other Memorials

    Yes, the fountain does seem to lack (imo) some landscaping. Diana was all about flowers to me and it is sort of sad not to see her memorialized with such.
  5. pinkie40

    Diana Websites, Links and Videos

    I am in no way promoting Darren McGrady. He is just a local guy who is on local television every now and then and unlike Paul Burrell has stayed within the confines of being above any hint of scandal. In fact, everything he seems to do is in superb good taste (pun intended) and well thought out...
  6. pinkie40

    British Royal Family Current Events 4: March 2007-July 2011

    Just finished watching 2 hours of the royal show available on on a special program of the Barbara Walters' hosted "20/20" on the ABC network. All "stuff" that has already been wholly discussed here on the RF. Still it was a well spent 2 hours. Have to say I enjoyed seeing the...
  7. pinkie40

    William and Kate: engagement and relationship rumours and musings 2005 - 2008

    Westminster Abbey is gloomy. It's more of a tomb and funeral venue, imo, than glorious, roomy, bright St. Paul's. I also would like to add I get a good laugh reading about Kate's somewhat cheeky siblings. Nowhere near as naughty as Princess Margaret (imo) was so we are good to go in that...
  8. pinkie40

    Diana's Friends, Lovers and Bodyguards

    Did Paul Burrell ever have to take any courses in protection? He did go out alone with the Princess on some very interesting late night adventures.
  9. pinkie40

    The Late Diana, Princess of Wales News & Questions Thread 8: June 2008- 2020

    As much as I love a good conspiracy theory, I would have to seriously decline any opportunity to see the "death car". No interest in seeing such a thing whatsoever. JFK's car is merely what he was in when he was shot, not what caused his demise unlike the M-B. Yes, I have heard some of the...
  10. pinkie40

    Members of the Extended Romanov Family, past and present

    Does anyone have any information regarding Grand Duchess Olga's granddaughter Xenia Nielsen? She seems so nice and one can see Empress Marie ever so slightly in her face!
  11. pinkie40

    If Edward VIII hadn't abdicated, who would be monarch today?

    Had Lord Mountbatten not been such a driving force or nature, I would somehow like to believe HMTQ would have married Lord Porchester. One cannot discount Lord Louis' meddling the Duke of Windsor, HMTQ and Prince Charles. One can endlessly speculate how the last century would have been different...
  12. pinkie40

    Bowing and Curtseying

    Yes, the ones of Princess Diana curtseying in the white shoes with the red toes (Rising Sun motif) is to the Japanese. Protocol dictated that she had to bob lower than eye level as a sign of respect. The look on her face shows great concentration and more than enough fear that she is going to...
  13. pinkie40

    The Monarchy under Charles

    I really feel sad for Prince Charles. It's going to be a right royal mess when HMTQ passes away. (Camilla being crowned might be the least of his worries then) He is within every right wanting to have Camilla crowned and be officially given her correct title in God's house, yet I still...
  14. pinkie40

    Smear Campaign? And if so, by whom? (Re: William and Kate)

    From Day One, I noticed the very, very, very subtle undertone that Kate was not "good enough" for Wills in many articles. Jealousy, perhaps? No, it's the lack of royal or even aristocratic bloodline, imo. And, of course, she isn't "good enough". (Sometimes I like to think like a courtier...
  15. pinkie40

    Diana's Friends, Lovers and Bodyguards

    Does Scotland Yard now train women to be royal bodygaurds? If I had one chance to ask one question of Ken Wharfe it would to be if he thought Diana might have fared better with a female security officer.
  16. pinkie40

    Kate Middleton - what does William like about her?

    I applaud Wills and Kate hanging in there. Call me "old fashioned" but I do believe they are missing out on some great childbearing years.
  17. pinkie40

    Most Dazzling Royal Lady past and present

    I think the most dazzling royal wearer of jewels is the current Queen of England but after her is, imo, the last Empress of Iran, Farah Diba, who was exotic in those huge emeralds. She had the height to carry off some major jewels.
  18. pinkie40

    Anniversaries of Diana's Death (and Birthday)

    I still remember from the memorial service last year, Prince Harry joyously injecting the statement from both he and William about their mother when it was supposed to be a "reading". William looking down, choking back tears.... Oh, my heart aches for them every anniversary.
  19. pinkie40

    The Family and Background of the Duchess of Cambridge, the Middletons 1, Until 2022

    While I adore Kate and understand why Prince William finds her lovely, I don't quite believe she is up to par financially and having the social connections that the households of HMTQ and the Prince of Wales had in mind for William. I say that knowing full well how absolutely snobby and picky...
  20. pinkie40

    Diana's Cosmetic Makeup

    I wore Christian Dior's Diorissimo perfume for years (very, very hard to find now) because it was reported back in 1981 that she wore it. Delightfully feminine fragrance. In a strange twist it was also a favorite scent of the Duchess of Windsor who used to spray it on flowers (as reported...
  21. pinkie40

    The Spencer Family, Ancestry and Althorp 1: Ending Aug. 2023

    Yes, it was exciting both times to rub elbows with the aristocracy! Also, Georgiana's famous portrait was used on several invitations to events of the current Duke. Later, the exhibit went to New York City where it was met with much more sophistication, imo. The reason the exhibit was held at...
  22. pinkie40

    Anniversaries of Diana's Death (and Birthday)

    Her death and Dodi's death are still like a hard kick in the gut. Usually the 31st of August here in the USA is a holiday (Labor Day - end of summer) but ever since 1997, it is a gruelling , sad, somber day. I still cry. There is a part of my heart that died there in the Alma tunnel.
  23. pinkie40

    Royal Family of Romania current events

    Princess Catherine Caradja was quite a presence in Texas. Her life was amazing and full of tragedy.
  24. pinkie40

    Prince Kardam seriously injured in Madrid car accident, August 2008

    Prayers and thoughts for s speedy recovery of both the Prince and Princess. May their families and friends know many people care about their ordeal from all corners of the globe.
  25. pinkie40

    The Spencer Family, Ancestry and Althorp 1: Ending Aug. 2023

    I'm looking forward to the movie starring Keira Knightly as Georgiana! I've met the late Duke of Devonshire(he was a guest at a private art exhibit of the Bloomsbury Group here in Dallas at Southern Methodist University in 1984) and the current Duke of Devonshire (he brought the treasures of...
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