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  1. October

    Royal Security

    If I were him I’d release a statement saying, “If the tax payer doesn’t want to pay for my protection then don’t,” then I’d insist on all my bodyguards leaving me alone. However, that’s not what people want, they seem to want him protected, but they don’t want to pay for it. Either he is worth...
  2. October

    Diana: The Most Beautiful or Famous Woman of the 20th Century?

    There is a big difference between fame, beauty, talent, etc. The poll asks is she the most FAMOUS, there are others more talented or beautiful...but she is probably the most famous yes. Only the Queen and M. Monroe are 20th century women as well known through-out the world. I read an article...
  3. October

    Royal Security

    Whenever I read British articles complaining about the cost of royal protection the one thing that irritates me the most is that the cost of protecting politicians is never mentioned. It probably costs more to protect Blair & his wife than every Windsor combined. The politicians may run the...
  4. October

    Sarah, Duchess of York: "Cash for Access" - May 2010

    I'm personally far more disgusted with the NOTW than I am Fergie. They secretly recorded, what to me appears to be an emotionally unstable drunk person, with-out said person’s knowledge or consent in a deliberate attempt to create a scandal for their own use. Yes, she's an adult and what she did...
  5. October

    Relationship of the Royal Family with The Duchess of Cornwall

    I can't imagine Elizabeth II doing something so mundane. I'm convinced all her children were conceived via immaculate conception ;) I think the whole royal family has accepted the Duchess. I think the Queen Mother may have disliked her because didn't Sophie when she was recorded by that fake...
  6. October

    Which Country Could Next Abolish Their Monarchy?

    I was going to vote Spain because it seems as if they have the most issues, which is odd because considering Spain's recent ordeal with a fascist government one would think they'd support having a politically neutral head of state. But, then I changed my mind to Sweden due to the recent article...
  7. October

    British Crown Jewels

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this, but I wanted to show a pic I found when I was researching the York dynasty (my fave dynasty) it's the crown of Edward IV's sister, Margaret. Excerpt from wiki: Margaret of York - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Margaret's crown (made in...
  8. October

    Queen Elizabeth II: Tiaras, Necklaces etc 2: Nov 2007-Dec 2015

    Hello :flowers: I just read this whole thread (yes, I know, but I really like tiaras) anyway I wanted to re-cap what I've read. Based on this thread and others, I've counted 12 tiaras that we know for a fact exist and that we know for a fact are in the custody of the Queen and not a relative...
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