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  1. TxPride

    Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia's Current Events Part 1: June 2015 - January 2019

    Have they returned home or are they still on their honeymoon?
  2. TxPride

    Joachim & Marie's 2nd Baby - Guess the Name & Gender

    I wasn't expecting a name like Estelle for Victoria's baby girl, but each set of parents is different. Obviously, the name means something close to the heart to them. So Princess Estelle it is. I hope that Marie and Joachim give the baby girl something beautiful....I like Charlotte, maybe even...
  3. TxPride

    Prince Joachim & Princess Marie's Visit to Brazil: September 12-16, 2010

    Totally off topic, but is Princess Marie pregnant? She looks like she's getting a little thicker (not trying to be rude) around her mid section?
  4. TxPride

    General News about Joachim, Marie and Family 1: December 2007 - August 2009

    Oh my , the new prince is beautiful. he has the most amazing eyes and facial expressions. You can tell that his parents and his big brothers are very proud of him. I wish J&M, Nik, and Felix the very best always.
  5. TxPride

    Pictures of Mary before her Marriage

    She smiles because she's happy. Who wouldn't be....all the attention, the wealth, magazine covers,"man of her dreams', two cute babes and one day The Queen of Denmark.....I'd be smiling an awful lot too.
  6. TxPride

    Possible names and godparents for Joachim & Marie's baby

    Marie for a boy's name? Even if it is a 2nd or 3rd name seems odd to me. I like Albert though. How does this person possibly "know" the name of the baby. I thought the DRF was tighlipped about their new additions until the christening. On another note I would love for her to have twins...
  7. TxPride

    Princess Marie of Denmark Jewellery 1: Ending Jun 2023

    I've been looking at the pictures since M&J married. I've haven't seen one where she wears the engagement ring with her wedding band. I was just curious as to how they looked together? And also wondering if maybe they don't match at all. I saw the designer's web page that did her engagement...
  8. TxPride

    Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix, Current Events 1: September 2005 - July 2009

    Thanks for the response. I think it's sad we have to wait some years to see these three monograms. I bet Bella's will be gorgeous!!!! I hope the boys' will be great also.( Strong and Manly for both)
  9. TxPride

    Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix, Current Events 1: September 2005 - July 2009

    I keep wondering if Nikolai and Felix will get a monogram? Why haven't they received one by now. They are in line to the throne even though it is very unlikely either will be.....
  10. TxPride

    Prince Maximilian (1969- ), Princess Angela (1958- ) and Family 2: May 2007-

    Burberry Brit could you post the picture of Angela in her formal attire? I think she is very beautiful and I've seen pictures of her dressed up, but not in very formal attire. If you can't post please let me know where I can find the picture. Thanks!!!!
  11. TxPride

    Prince Christian and Lille Prinsesse, Current Events 1: March 2007 - June 2007

    I think he's really cute and just like any other mother she dresses her son the way she wants.
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