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  1. assia

    Queen Camilla's Fashion and Style Part 2: June 2023 -

    I hope it didn’t fall down !
  2. assia

    British State Visit to France, 20-22 Sep 2023

    He speaks very good French yes with an accent but he is perfectly comprehensible. During his speech at the dinner he even corrected himself with a «*liaison*» which means he has a true knowledge of the language.
  3. assia

    Red Cross Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2019, 2021 - 2024

    I completely agree with you
  4. assia

    Red Cross Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2019, 2021 - 2024

    Well we don’t know if she is working , apart from being a member of the princely family she is a private person but she is involved in many charities : she had created Be Safe Monaco and she has this role in the Monégasque Res Cross. She is a charming decent young lady .
  5. assia

    Red Cross Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2019, 2021 - 2024

    If I remember well Prince Albert recently appointed Camille with a role within the Red Cross : Responsable section jeunesse. That is the reason she is attending .
  6. assia

    The Princess of Wales's Daytime Fashion Part 2: March 2023 - July 2023

    Yes I have attached the picture which appears to me .
  7. assia

    The Princess of Wales's Daytime Fashion Part 2: March 2023 - July 2023

    I have an odd question : why is the picture illustrating the Princess of Wales is one of the Duchess of Sussex ? It’s weird ! Sorry don’t want to offend anybody.
  8. assia

    Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan and Miss Rajwa Khalid Alseif: June 1, 2023

    And his wife HRH Princess Fahdah was present at the Henna party for Rajwah
  9. assia

    Princesses of Belgium Fashion and Style Part 2: September 2022 -

    I don’t understand the outfit considering how hot it is currently in Senegal !
  10. assia

    British State visit to France [postponed] & Germany, 26-31 March 2023

    BREAKING NEWS (source Élysée Palace) : The visit is postponed !
  11. assia

    Queen Camilla Jewels 1: September 2022 - February 2024

    As far as I know
  12. assia

    Jordanian Royal Jewels 1: Ending Dec 2023

    I like the tiara because I find it very delicate and I think it would be easily convertible as a necklace .
  13. assia

    Princess Iman of Jordan and Jameel Alexander Thermiotis: March 12, 2023

    Also I didn’t see Princess Alia bint al Hussein eldest sister of the King. Anyone noticed her ?
  14. assia

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Family, News and Events 7: Oct. 2022 - Apr. 2023

    Frankly I fully understand that even if the invitations were extended to them the King the Queen and the Prince and Princess of Wales have not attended at the baptism where most of the guests would be hostile to them with regard to all they have been told by the Sussexes how bad they are . And...
  15. assia

    Edinburgh and Wessex Titles

    In MHO It will be fair enough to give Prince Edward the title of Duke of Edinburgh as per the wishes of the late Queen and Prince Philip as Her late Majesty’s wish that Camilla should become Queen Consort. Besides Prince Edward deserves it . So hopefully we will see that happening.
  16. assia

    Funeral of King Constantine - January 16, 2023

    She is Princess Chantal of Hannover their mother
  17. assia

    "Spare" memoir by the Duke of Sussex (2023)

    That is becoming worrying because it is really clear that unfortunately he is not happy and that he wants the family to respond positively to his requests if not he will continue his attacks . I really hope he will stop now and move on and focus on his own family . That is indeed really sad
  18. assia

    "Spare" memoir by the Duke of Sussex (2023)

    I hope I am not off topic but I don’t understand why the Sussexes have ghosted Thomas Markle as what they have done and said so far is far worst than anything the poor old man has done.
  19. assia

    "Spare" memoir by the Duke of Sussex (2023)

    Granada I could not agree more . You nailed it !
  20. assia

    "Spare" memoir by the Duke of Sussex (2023)

    Is he allowed to say these kind of allegations ? I would think that there is confidentiality in the actions done while in the army
  21. assia

    British Royal Christmas 2: Sep 2022 -

    What a lovely tribute to Her Majesty ! Princess Anne is a real asset to the monarchy !
  22. assia

    Netflix Docu-Series of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (2022)

    Yes the issue to all that is money unfortunately. But if their way to get financially independent as they quoted in their statement is to sell their private life being filmed in very private moments this is very sad because this means that they are not able to get à proper job and stick with it...
  23. assia

    'Together At Christmas' Carol Service at Westminster Abbey: 2022 -

    Absolutely ! They are strongly putting a united front !
  24. assia

    Netflix Docu-Series of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (2022)

    My question is : we’re the Netflix crew always there with them at their home ? How come they can film the part when he is receiving William’s message ? It is a reality show in fact ! How sad ! All their private time is documented every day ?
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