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    Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko Current Events Part 2: September 2006- January 2013

    The babel fish might have had a mistake. Empress Michiko had some memai (目まい). Memai means "dizziness". Scotoma is anten (暗点) in Japanese. She had a fever, but the fever has gone. :smile: Empress Michiko is a hard worker for her age. I wish that she will have some rest, but considering her...
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    Princess Aiko Part 2

    I am glad that my humble translation helped to a little extent. :smile: Princess Aiko is going to enter elementary school this April. They will have a lot of school events like sports day, picnic, etc. So let's hope to see her with her parents at school events often.
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    Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 11: November 2007 - March 2008

    I love this coat. The coat seems to have brought her a kind of liveliness, elegance.
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    Princess Aiko Part 2

    I cannot give all the subtitle from the first to the end, but let me try some in my humble English. In summary this video shows how parent-child relationship in the imperial family has changed in three generations. Will it help you? 1st scene: - 1:33 Crown Prince Naruhito and Princess Aiko in a...
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    What will happen to the Royals in 2008

    It might be a little too late, but may I still tell the royals' fortune in 2008? Belgium Princess Mathilde will give birth to a healthy girl. Bhutan The king will take wives. Denmark A stork will visit Prince Joachim and Marie soon after their marriage. Princess Mary will not be pregnant in...
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    Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko Current Events Part 2: September 2006- January 2013

    May Their Imperial Majesties live long! I respect the emperor from the bottom of my heart, but will not eat any fish from that polluted lake. Sorry. Empress Michiko's kimono of sakuranezu color is not a kind of gorgeous, but sedate and very beautiful, so matching autumnal leaves in the imperial...
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    Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko Current Events Part 2: November 2006 - April 2017

    Princess Kiko is always a great working mother. I am very glad to see Prince Hisahito's healthy growth. I wish the family's prosperity.
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    Princess Aiko Part 2

    Princess Aiko changed her hair style this summer. I like it because it makes her look brighter than her previous hair style. I cannot wait to see her enter school in the coming April.
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    Infanta Leonor's Second Birthday: October 31, 2007

    Infanta Leonor is so charming with her hair curled, in a recent picture. She is like an angel. I wish her third year of life will be with a lot of joy.
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    Viscount and Viscountess Linley and Family News 1: July 2003-April 2008

    These few days I'm getting curious about him. Until recently hadn't I even known that Viscount Linley and David Armstrong-Jones are the same person. I think the viscount looks like Lord Snowdon very much, but he also seems to have some similarities to his maternal royal cousin, Prince Andrew...
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    Royal Blackmail Plot: October 2007

    Are the police going to arrest the royal member and his or her aide? Having sex may be legal, but blowing coke cannot be.
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    Infanta Leonor Starts Kindergarten: September 7, 2007

    Thank you for beautiful pictures. They made me heartily smile.
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    State Visit from Brazil to Denmark: September 12-13, 2007

    I applaud Princess Mary's dress sense every time I see her. She looked especially brilliant at the ceremony at the airport.
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    Korea - The Lost Empire

    This real drama is as fascinating to me as the Korean TV drama Dae Jang Geum. I wish that the Koreans will restore the imperial family someday if royality enjoys popularity there, but it is a bit sad that they have two claimants to the throne at loggerheads, for it makes me think of their...
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    Princesses Mako, Kako and Prince Hisahito Current Events 1: July 2005 - April 2017

    They are very pictures of happiness. I love the pictures of your selection as well as the picture of the cuddly prince reading a book surrounded by his family. Princess Kiko, always brilliant, had a special brilliance on Prince Hisahito's first birthday. Her blue bag was graceful and I wish to...
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    Is Camilla a Catholic?

    Thank you for replies. I am getting to understand the reason for this law. It has a really long and sad history..
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    Identical Royal Twins

    Princess Atsuko was married to Count Kiyosu and died young in 1936. I have read somewhere that one of this count's children was arrested for burglary, but I do not know whether the burglar is Princess Atsuko's child. Count Kiyosu had two wives.
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    Is Camilla a Catholic?

    Although I have no intention to deny their tradition, I cannot understand the reason the British Royal Family reject only Catholics. The matter would be logical and understandable to me if they limited successors and their wives only to members of the Church of England because it is their state...
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