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    Engagements Announcements 2024

    Engagement announcement of Aoun Juma, son of Princess Aisha bint al Hussein of Jordan to miss Lena Abbas, 28 years old from Palestina
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    Pregnancies Announcements 2024

    Third child of Christian and Alessandra is expected in March Source: her interview in Hola
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    Births Announcements 2023

    I allways thought it was a girl. She wore a deep red (claret-coloured) baby dress on the first pics where we could see her (Wedding of Archduke Alexander). My granddaughter wore some similar dress at that age.
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    Births Announcements 2023

    There were pictures on Prince Henri's Instagram account. Two little girls and a baby boy playing with puppies. Prince Henri was mentioning them as his children. They looked quite like each other (siblings) and the baby was clearly a boy. It was posted on Nobiliana by someone, who has access to...
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    Births Announcements 2024

    Amélie Schmid von Schmidfelden Princess zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg and her husband Benedikt Schmid von Schmidfelden had their first son and first child Anton on January 2nd 2024. Source: the mother's IG history
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    Births Announcements 2023

    Birth of a third son and sixth child to the Count and Countess of Paris: Prince Alphonse Charles Francois Marie de France at Carcassonne on December 31st 2023. Source:
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    Births Announcements 2023

    Prince Heinrich of Bavaria and his wife Princess Henriette, née Gruse had their second son and second child Konstantin Luitpold on September 20th 2023. A brother for Maximilian (* 11-1-2021) Source:
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    Births Announcements 2023

    You are right Biri; Ada Mafalda Siem was born on November 23rd 2023 in Monaco Francois and Theresa Count and Countess de Dreux had their second daughter and fourth child Maria Luisa in the first days of December 2023. A sister for Philippe, Marie Amélie and Raphaël Source: BAG and BAN 2023
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    Births Announcements 2023

    Countess Viola Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga and her husband Charles Siem had their first child, a daughter Ada Mafalda on December 21st 2023 Source: Her Instagram
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    Births Announcements 2023

    Berthold Prince of Baden and his wife Nina, née Schröder had their first son and second child Maximilian somewhere in January 2023 (around the time of the funeral of Markgrave Maximilian) They have a daughter Hilda, born in February 2021. Source: Nobiliana
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    Births Announcements 2023

    Prince Henri de Bourbon de Parme and his wife Gabriella, née Archduchess of Österreich had their third child, a son, born a few months before the wedding of Princess Alexandra of Luxemburg and Nicolas Bagory. Their two daughters are: Victoria and Anastasia Source: Nobiliana BAG 2023 and...
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    Pregnancies Announcements 2023

    According to Nobiliana BAG 2023 they had a little boy on September 23rd 2023, born in Rotterdam
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    Princess Lalla Asmaa: News and Pictures

    What is the exact birthdate of Lalla Marjana?
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    Births Announcements 2022

    Prince Wenceslas of Nassau and his wife Princess Elisabeth, née Lamarche had their first child, a son Calixte in November 2022. Source: Nobiliana BAG 2022
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    Births Announcements 2023

    The Crownprincess Che Puan Sofie Louise Johannsen Petra of Kelantan had her first son and first child on July 17th 2023. Source:
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    Births Announcements 2021

    Archduke Carl Christian von Habsburg-Lotharingen and his wife Archduchess Estelle, née de Saint Romain had their first son and fifth child Pier-Giorgio in 2021. A brother for Zita (* 2008), Anezka (* 2010), Anna (* 2012) and Paola (* 2015) source: Wikipedia, Constance on Nobiliana BAG 2021
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    Births Announcements 2023

    It is a boy: Galateo. source: as above
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    Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg and Nicolas Bagory: 22 and 29 April 2023

    Not even an official wedding photo. That's right!!! They consider their religious wedding as private
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    Princess Christina (1947-2019) and Family, News and Events Part 1 (June 2003 - )

    Birth on April 10th 2023 of the first daughter and second child of Nicolas Guillermo and his unnamed partner. A sister for Joaquín. Carmen Ester Ruby Guillermo is the 7th grandchild of the late princess Christina and the 35th great grandchild of Queen Juliana...
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    Births Announcements 2023

    Nicolas Guillermo and his partner welcomed their first daughter and second child Carmen Ester Ruby on April 10th 2023. A sister for Joaquín. Source: per Skorpion on Nobiliana BAG 2023
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    Births Announcements 2023

    Princess Maria Thereza de Orleans e Braganca and her husband Guilherme dos Santos Zanker had their first son and second child Pedro de Orleans e Braganca Zanker on February 10th 2023 A brother for Maria Francisca (* 9-3-2020) Source: Hein Bruins on Nobiliana BAG 2023
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    Births Announcements 2023
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    Births Announcements 2023

    Lady Melissa Percy and her husband Remy Trafelet welcomed twins. Two sons Percy Dean and Alfred Ralph on February 22nd 2023. Two brothers for Bluebell Rose, born on February 19th 2020 Source: Daily Telegraph (4-3-2023) birth-announcements
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    The van Vollenhoven Family, Current Events & Pictures Part 1 (December 2005 - )

    The four daughters in law of Princess Margriet only weared a tiara as brides.
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    Princess Alexandra Engaged to Nicolas Bagory: November 7, 2022

    Late Spring/ Begin Summer (first half of the year 2023). I suppose late June
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