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    Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2010

    Did you really just say the first lady looked like a maid? This is not foxnation or stormfront.
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    Official visit to the US: April 21-24, 2009

    Queen Rania and Michelle Obama Here is a pic of the two ladies meeting today.
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    Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 9: March - September 2007

    Must you constantly put down Letizia in an attempt to make Cristina look better. It's really getting old and basically spamming the board. Let people enjoy all members of the family instead of consistently putting down some to try to make others look better.
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    Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2007

    You are correct. She is too old to still use a binky. It can be bad for her teeth but it more importantly impedes normal speech development. Children who use pacifiers longer than recommended are also more likely to develop ear infections. Physicians recommend weaning by age 2 at the latest. She...
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    Christening of Infanta Sofía: July 15, 2007

    Have you ever been around a toddler? She behaved like any almost 2 year old would royal or not.
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    Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2006

    It's great to see that Froilan and Juanito are so close.
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    King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia Picture Thread, Part 1 (November 2002 - August 2006)

    It's great to see Their Majesties interact with children. I can see why the have such great relationships with their grandchildren.
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