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    Possible Names for the 2nd Child of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

    I am SO excited and blessed. Today is my birthday, so I feel a bit like I have some claim to this child! Names, wow, I don't even know what to suggest. I think we need to turn the clocks forward to a new era and modernize the names. I would suggest names that call attention to social issues...
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    Baby Cambridge: Potential Names and Godparents

    In my opinion for whatever its worth (and that's not much! Especially in this economy LOL), I think the baby should be named with some modern PANACHE as they say. I like the idea of incorporating some old names but with modern flair. Catherine and Willem are a very modern couple and the baby...
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    Poll : Kate & William's First Baby

    What a month this will be! With the King of Belgium abdicating the throne and the baby soon to abdicate Catherine, this is a month of abdicationsanity! My vote was for healthy baby. The gender doesn't matter. But she will be a girl! Wonder for how long though in this day and age? LOL
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    Baby Cambridge: Musings and Suggestions

    I agree! What a nice gesture this would be. Better hope they don't forget the little one in the box and have the postman pick it up! What a kerfuffle that would be.
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