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    Margareta, Custodian of the Crown & Prince Radu News & Events 3: Jan 2018 - Aug 2023

    I've been impressed by that as well. I think the Romanian royal family is the template for the future. I doubt there will be any monarchies restored. That being the case, I think former royal houses, like the Romanian one, can come to an accommodation with the republican governments in their...
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    Hitler, the Hohenzollerns and WWII

    I suspect dsalerno5 is right... President Wilson, while admirable in his desire to make the world safe for democracy, as delineated in his Fourteen Points, was ultimately proved naive. He was double crossed by his colony-hungry allies in Britain and France and by his own Congress. The Allies...
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    The position of the Royal Family and attitudes to restoration

    Speaking as a rare American monarchist, I've always felt that countries with monarchical histories should do all they can to maintain the institution at all costs. To get rid of it usually leads to political, social and economic hardship for generations (Germany, Austria, Russia), but the...
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    Princess Theodora & Prince Philippos current events part 1: July 2006 - February 2016

    The last photo of Princess Theodora is not a terribly good one, but having met her a few years ago, I can vouch for the fact that she is indeed beautiful in person and doesn't have weight least, she didn't then.
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    Princess Theodora & Prince Philippos current events part 1: July 2006 - February 2016

    Princess Theodora does indeed speak Spanish, though not as well as she speaks Greek and certainly not as well as she speaks English. She is most comfortable speaking English, though she has no problems speaking or writing in Greek.
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    Crown Prince Pavlos: Current and Future Titles

    If I can intrude upon the debate as to whether or not Crown Prince Pavlos will ever be king...I think the answer is "maybe." Going by the present constitution of the Hellenic Republic, the answer is no. Going by tradition that dates to the Congress of Vienna, in how one treats former reigning...
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    Which Country Could Become A Monarchy?

    I don't think there's any way to truly and accurately predict which nation will or won't go back to being a monarchy. As a student of history and political science, I've always believed that any country that has the institution of monarchy as part of its national heritage should maintain that...
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