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    What Will Happen to the Royals in 2014?

    probably another damn commoner, an acrtress or some adventuress from the USA.
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    Prinsjesdag 2003-2012

    Hopefully, her Majesty did not fall asleep during the ceremonies.
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    Royal Death

    It might have been very difficult & gruesome to exhibit the Princess Diana in an open casket after the violent accident that killed her instantly with a head rebuilt by embalmers. No, please ! Think that the last royals to be seen on their deathbeds were Edouard VII, Empress Elizabeth of...
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    Death of HRH The Duke of Parma 18 August 2010

    He was the once the husband of Princess Irene of the Netherlands (divorced) thus brother-in-law of Queen Beatrix.
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    Prince Charles, Count of Flanders (1903-1983)

    No. no. prince Charles was the brother of King Leopold III, both sons of King Albert I and his wife Elizabeth of Bavaria (Wittelsbach ). Astrid of Sweden was the wife, and queen, of Leopold III.
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    Princess Marianne (1810-1883)

    Fascinating personnage. New little about her. She lived before her time. Today in royal families no one would think anything about divorces, natural children and lovers.
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    Monarchy and Restoration; Rival Families and Claimants

    Why not, Russia has always had a Father (or Mother) Tsar or Traritsa. A country needs a Father or a Mother in this case with Maria. Stricly constitutional monarchy to become Russia's emblem.
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