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    Romanian Castles, Palaces and Residences

    Great pictures do you have any pictures of the interiors?
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    Princely House of Thurn und Taxis 2: July 2008 - July 2011

    That is just downright rude .......he is still a very handsome young man.....what a shame you judge people on their hairlines.........perhaps you should revaluate what is important in life. What you said was just downright cruel and vindictive!
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    King Manuel II of Portugal and Princess Auguste Viktoria of Hohenzollern - 1913

    What great photographs..........thank you Marengo for sharing them........I can only imagine what it was like to attend a royal marriage or any other royal event... they are just amazing!!! it is almost as if I was there.......and oh how I wish I would have been there
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    Russian Imperial and Noble Jewels

    I am sure you know most of this but her daughter bacame Queen Marie of Roumania. The most I have read about her was in the book "The Last Romanitc".
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