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    Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 2: April - November 2004

    Those are beautiful photos, Mandy, of CP MM and Haakon and CP W-A and Maxima. Thank you for posting them.
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    Americans Who Married Royals and Aristocrats

    Not that many people do. I was born and raised in Kauai, Hawaii and I am half Hawaiian & half Irish. But I can tell you this, many locals (non-Haoles) do not consider themselves to be "American" ever since the US overthrew our monarchy and stole our lands from our people ; moreover, they...
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    The Value Of Monarchy

    I would say no, but then again, I'm an American. Therefore, it is hard for me to understand since I don't live in a country that has a monarchy. However, I do enjoy learning about the royal families of the world.
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    Royal Weddings Questions and Discussion Past and Future

    No. It was originally written for King George (I forget which one) by Handel. This piece is (mainly) used for the British monarchy during the coronation of the next King or Queen of Great Britain. It is also used a hymn for the Anglican church (in fact, many choirs within the Qnglican chruch...
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    General Information and Questions about the Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Luxembourg, Shkpr. Please let us know how it was when you return since I am also interested in visiting this beautiful country. Next spring I'll be in Europe for three weeks and besides visiting England, France, Belguim, and Germany I am thinking about...
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    A son for Pavlos and Marie Chantal: Born Sept. 17 2004

    Odysseus...hmmm...well whatever "floats their boat..." At least I'm not the one who has to live with that name.
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    Liechtenstein Princely Family current events 2: Jan 2004 - May 2007

    What's the difference between a Royal family and a Princely family? I thought that they were the same except for a Princely monarchy doesn't not have a King/Queen, but rather a Prince or Grand Duke as the head of (in this case regarding Liechtenstein) state. If I'm wrong please tell me...
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    Divorce for Joachim and Alexandra: September 2004

    Exactly! I'm tired already of hearing some pretty nasty rumors regarding the couple...enough is enough. Unless you have first hand knowledge regarding their relationship you should be chary (look it up) about what you say. Be supportive and don't blame/point fingers as to who did what to...
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    Divorce for Joachim and Alexandra: September 2004

    I believe she was, MLR. If she remarries, she'll lose her title. In the meantime, she'll remain HRH Pss. Alexandra; however, after the divorce she'll be titled Her Highness Alexandra (I recieved this information from Marlene on Scan. Royals MB.) But, like I said before, if she remarries she'll...
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    Divorce for Joachim and Alexandra: September 2004

    It's sad when people divorce and it's especially hard on the children. However, I think I may be the only one who is not shocked by the news of their divorce. I could see it coming a mile away, but in the end it may be a good thing regarding their happiness (trust me I understand divorce very...
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