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    Swedish Royalty and Music

    Thanks for all the great information GrandDuchess. :flower: It is certainly a topic one can study in great detail. Have you seen any recordings of the more famous pieces at Swedish music (or department) stores?
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    King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Current Events Part 1: November 2002-June 2004

    I saw the interview almost by accident today since I don't normally watch TV. I was in the waiting room of an auto repair shop. They had Good Morning America on the TV and guess who appears, Queen Silvia. Unfortunately the interview was too short, and I wish they discussed more. She seemed...
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    Swedish Royalty and Music

    That is all great info. that should help me. Thanks :flower:
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    Swedish Royals of the Past

    Holstein-Gottorp It was a fairly short one that began with Adolf Fredrik in 1751.
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    Crown Princess Victoria, Current Events Part 2: November 2003 - November 2004

    Who is Carolina Kluft? I don't follow track. But she seems to be popular.
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    Queen Silvia's 60th Birthday Celebrations: December 2003

    It does not look like a place you would go for comfort. Ice chairs and ice beds do not sound comfortable. But it would be quite an experience. It must say something about the king and queen. I do not know many 60 year olds who would like to spend their birthday sleeping on ice!
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    Princess Madeleine, Picture Thread Part 1: December 2002 - October 2004

    Yes, here in the USA we call them a sports utility vehicle (SUV). But why would she choose a KIA? I would think she would choose a Volvo or Saab SUV. Volvo sells a very nice SUV here. I wonder if they are also sold in Sweden?
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    Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergström, Current Events Part 1: Aug 2003 - June 2006

    I got a laugh out of Expressen's word to describe their new apartment. "dream lair/den" :P
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    Princess Madeleine at the Ball of the Order of Innocence: 2003

    I am curious why Madeleine (and Victoria) wear a small portrait of their father pinned to their ball gowns. Does anyone know why?
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    Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to the USA: November 3-8, 2003

    The Royal Family should put a "suggestion box" on their website. :P Then we can stuff it with suggestions for a CA visit.
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    Swedish Royalty and Music

    Are there any marches, songs, or other music associated with the Royal Family? For instance, does the army band play a special march when the King makes a formal appearance? Perhaps our Swedish members might know. I found some news clips on with some music in the background. Does...
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    Crown Princess Victoria's Official Visit to the USA: November 3-8, 2003

    Don't forget your camera! I am sure it will be a good opportunity to snap a few pictures. I wonder how many royal watchers and media will be there? I would enjoy checking it out too if it wasn't on the opposite coast.
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    Prince Daniel Picture Thread, Part 1

    Daniel has an interesting choice in hats. I wonder if he is a baseball fan? Does anyone know? The first cap has a New York Yankees logo, and the second has an Anaheim Angels logo. The team colors are not correct, but I won't hold that against him.
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    Nobel Peace Prize though the years

    I like the picture of Jimmy Carter and Willie Nelson that Mandy posted. Is there usually a concert along with the ceremony? I wouldn't have imagined a Willie Nelson concert in Norway otherwise. This is off topic, but. . . Is the Norwegian singer Sputnik still around?
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    Princess Madeleine's Fashion and Style Part 1: September 2003 - Ausgust 12, 2009

    Yes, the dress is very revealing. :woot: It is great for Las Vegas, but not for a Nobel Prize ceremony. Even us guys would have to admit a conservative dress would have been more tasteful.
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    The Royal Family celebrate Stockholm's 750th Anniversary: 2002

    I agree with Yennie. Its a nice dress. I would have also liked to be in Carl Phillip's place :rolleyes:
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    June 6 - Sweden's National Day (2003-2009)

    I am curious why only the women wear a traditional costume on National Day? Surely the men have one too.
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    King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Current Events Part 1: November 2002-June 2004

    I might be mistaken, but I believe President George Bush made a state visit to Sweden in summer 2001. Does anybody have pictures from this event or know where I can find some? I am new to this site but have been interested in Scandinavian royalty for many years. I was visiting Norway in 1991...
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