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    Royal Family of Jordan Current Events 1: November 2003 - February 2013

    She looks gorgeous! And so does Queen Noor.
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    Prince of Wales: Visit to Jordan - October 26-29, 2004

    It's funny that they call him the "Emir" of Wales.
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    Sheikh Mohammed's Children 1: June 2004-June 2006

    You never know with Shk. Mo. The man seems to have a revolving door of wives. Does anyone know if this Sheikh Marwan bin Mo exists? There probably about a few Marwans, just like a few Hamdans (the son of Mo is sooo sexy) or Rashids. ::shrugs shoulders::
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    Sheikh Mohammed's Children 1: June 2004-June 2006

    I could of swore that Wife#2 was Lebanese. Oh well.:)
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    Queen Rania expecting her fourth child in January 2005

    I knew it! My cousin thought that she'd been chowing down on burgers! LOL... Congrats to the Royal Family!
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    Engagement of Prince Ali and Rym Brahimi: April 2004 - News & Pictures

    I dunno if I'm the only one that noticed that the photos of the engagement (marriage? :unsure: ), that Rym's skirt was photoshopped---badly. :blink:
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    King Abdullah's Birthday: 2002-2022

    Very beautiful. She looks so much like Rania. :flower:
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    Queen Rania - romours about Cosmetic Surgery

    I dont think so. I believe im expressing myself more clearly thats all. My time away from this thread has been a healthy thing. Im just not taking this business too seriously. [/b] Imelda Marcos -_-
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