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    Which Country Could Next Abolish Their Monarchy?

    The King of Thailand is in his 80s and is completely revered by his 60 million subjects.Unfortunately his son, the Crown Prince, does not command the same respect. Given the volatility of Thai politics, the monarchy may not survive the King's passing.
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    Charles and Camilla - The Early Years (1970s)

    The Tina Brown book asserts that Camilla was completely besotted with Andrew PB and that getting him to the altar was her goal. Originally she flirted with Charles to make Andrew jealous.
  3. J

    Rose Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2024

    I think it is time for all the dithering to stop and the family situation to be regularised. Yes, I think Albert should marry Karl Lagerfield!:smile:
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    Did Edward succeed or fail to live a 'normal' life?

    I think he has both succeeded and failed. He has succeeded in having a happy and stable marriage and ensuring as much privacy as possible for his children. He has succeeded in carrying out his royal duties, probably better than we hear about. He seems to be close to both his parents and have...
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    Titles, Surname and Protocols for the Royal Family

    When ex King Constantne dies what title will Pavlos assign himself?
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    Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's Visit to New York: September 17-21, 2007

    Sorry to delve back into this discussion but it seems to me that Fred and Mary did exactly what they were asked to do; they showed up to everything and looked attractive and interested. Mary wore outfits that stood out and they looked thrilled to be there. I don't think F and M can be held...
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    Albert and Charlene's Relationship

    Isn't that Albert's way, to gradually ease the girlfriend out without confrontation?
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    Diana and Sarah's Relationship

    I think Sarah's arrival on the scene coincided with Diana's post natal depression and concerns about her marriage. Both the press and the royals compared Sarah's freshness and exuberance at teh time with Diana's moping. Diana felt indequate becasue she didn't sparkle like Sarah and Sarah felt...
  9. J

    Earl Spencer & Victoria Lockwood 1989

    Has Earl Spencer now left his second wife?
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    William and Harry's TV Interviews about Diana: June 2007

    They've never spoken about her in an interview and they have never really done long interviews before so it is no surprise that they don't always answer articulately. They have chosen to celebrate her life, 10 years after her death after maintaining a dignifed silence while she has been so...
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    Semi-Precious Royal Jewels

    Is there any famous royal jewellery with tanzanite in it? Or is it too modern?
  12. J

    Emotional Royals

    The first great tragedy of Prince Charles' life was the murder of his beloved greatuncle Lord Mountbatten. I read that on the day of the funeral, Prince Phillip goaded Charles at lunch so that he would burst into tears then and have a suitable calm demeanour at the funeral. I can't believe...
  13. J

    Countess Alexandra's False Pregnancy Rumours: March to June 2007

    At age 43, no matter how beautiful, healthy, or titled the mother is, there is a 1 in 3 chance of early miscarriage and about a 1 in 40 chance of Down's syndrome. If she is pregnant, I wish her all the luck in the world.
  14. J

    Princess Alexandra to Marry Martin Jørgensen: February 7, 2007

    I hope she has made the right decision and will be happy.
  15. J

    Frederik and Mary's Private Visit to Australia: November 2006

    Qantas always puts mothers with kids right up the back of the plane and men in suits in the front section of economy.
  16. J

    Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands & Máxima Zorreguieta: Feb 2, 2002

    I really appreciated seeing the youtube video with the tango and Maxima's tears - very poignant. I was a bit taken aback that the accordionist looked so much like David Brent in "the Office"!
  17. J

    Gender, Name and Godparent Speculation for Mary's Second Pregnancy

    If it is a boy, he will have to have Christian in there somewhere in case he becomes the heir. I think he will also get Frederik. Maybe Soren Magnus Frederik Christian
  18. J

    Sarah, Duchess of York Current Events 5: June-September 2006

    Andrew has had a lot of not very serious girlfriends, I believe.
  19. J

    Philippe & Mathilde's Visit to Russia : 26 June - 1 July 2006

    Great photos - photogenic people in a photogenic setting!
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    Daniel's Future: Discussion (his role, title, orders, pressure etc.)

    There was talk with both Mary of Denmark and Princess Diana that they had to undergo a fertility test before getting engaged. Do you think the Swedish court would want to test Daniel's swimmers?
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    Prince Friso and Princess Mabel, Current Events 1 (August 2003 - September 2006)

    I think the problem with Mabel is that once you lose your integrity it is impossible to come back. Although camilla seems to be rehabilitating herslef at the rate of knots!
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    Which Royal Was Born On Your Birthday?

    I'm another December 20, Infante Elena girl.
  23. J

    Worst Royal Jewels 1

    It is something about often they look tacky and cheap, even though they can be quite lovely.
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    Marius Borg Hoiby - Discussions

    It is hard to see how Haakon could adopt him, as he has a living father whom he sees regularly. I love the picture Marius drew!
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    What is your opinion of Frederik and Mary

    I think Australia has a tendency to sentimentalise Australians who are overseas and to encourage those expat Australians to feel sentimental about their homeland. Hong Kong is more pragmatic! Mary fits right into this, with much of the press coverage being of the "mary makes us proud" tone. Also...
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