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    The Windsors and Europe

    Since the First World War, it has been a policy of the British Royal Family not to be seen to be closely involved with foreign royal families. This intensified after the Second World War. It was partly political and partly the way the Monarch (and those close to him/her) felt. There are some...
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    Inauguration Water Pageant and Dinner: April 30, 2013

    The Court Circular from Clarence House relating to 30th April says that Charles and Camilla attended the Investiture and a reception afterwards at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. Later they returned to RAF Northolt from the Netherlands. So they were not at the Water Pageant. However, he is...
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    Crown Princess Masako's Fashion and Style Part 1: November 2008 - April 2019

    It is so nice to see her, looking elegant and smiling. The dress line and colour is very flattering. (I have to grit my teeth when I think how the Palace authorities have damaged this lovely, intelligent woman by giving her no space or leeway!)
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    Twin sons for Georg Friedrich and Sophie - 20 January 2013

    I am delighted that there are 2 heirs to the Imperial House of Prussia. They had been getting thin on the ground! And non-reigning houses seem to have difficulty modernising - I think only Roumania has brought in gender equality - wisely, because King Michael has no sons, but he has 4...
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    Stéphanie's Title After Marriage

    Surely Stephanie would become Her Gr Dss of Luxembourg as soon as she married. It was different in Tessy Antony's case as that was a non-standard union. Normally all wives take their husband's title and precedence. I also seem to remember that in an interview about Stephanie getting...
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    HGD Guillaume of Luxembourg & Stéphanie de Lannoy: Religious Wedding - Oct 20, 2012

    Missed seeing the ceremony live as I was away on holiday and only got back this afternoon. But there has been so much to see on this thread that I don't feel that I have missed too much. :flowers: Thanks to all those who have put up links to pictures, etc. I don't think you can compare...
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    The Act of Settlement 1701 and the Line of Succession 1: Ending 2022

    Yes, thank you. I knew there were 'issues' round some of Elizabeth's descendants, but wasn't quite sure what and where. This clarifies it! I think a lot of people believe that, for some inexplicable reason, after Queen Anne's death without direct heirs, the throne just arbitrarily jumped to...
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    HI&RH Prince Georg Friedrich & HSH Princess Sophie von Isenburg, Aug 2011

    Thank you, Tilia C. I am glad that this is a group of anti-monarchists and not royalists (or even neutrals) as they look a very unappealing bunch of people! :-)
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    Press Reports about Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist, Part 1: Jan. 2010 - April 2012

    There is no way that the British Royal Court would comment on a private issue like this. I was very surprised when I read it, as it sort of confirms the situation and lays it open to even more discussion. I think there used to be a saying that the BRF had - 'never complain, never explain'...
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    Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel Expect First Child in March 2012

    I am so glad for them! I had worried whether Daniel's health history would give them a problem - but seeminly not! :-) After Mathilde, Maxima, Mette-Marit, Mary and Letizia keeping us happy and interested on the baby front, we will now be looking to Victoria and, hopefully, Catherine and...
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    A potential bride for The Grand Duke Georgi

    Well, firstly, she will probably have to be of Russian Orthodox faith.
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    Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events Part 36: June 2011 - February 2012

    I hope it is just the media that is trying to make Catherine and Charlotte into 'rivals'. Charlotte is, indeed, a very beautiful young woman. This great look comes down from her great-grandmother, Pss Charlotte, to her mother, Pss Caroline, and then on to her - they are all very similar in...
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    Zara Phillips & Mike Tindall's Wedding: July 30, 2011

    The official photo was taken in the ruins of the mediaeval Holyrood Abbey, which is right beside the Palace of Holyrood House. All very historic - and different! I am glad that (apart from the page boy) only the Scottish men wore kilts (Sir Jackie Stewart and Scottish rugby player Rory...
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    The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 1: May 2011 - June 2011

    I am so glad that the Duchess of Cambridge has gone for the glamourous but discreet look. She is not a 'celebrity' - she is a working member of the Royal Family. There is a fine line there. I thought she looked lovely. I favour the view that she should keep her hair down if she feels...
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    Prince William and Catherine Middleton: Church Service - April 29, 2011

    The wedding service was short and simple - because that is what a normal Anglican service is like. The bride and groom were restrained - but that is what is expected in Britain. I watched it all live, and felt that there was a lot of communication between them in a very subtle way. With the...
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    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Tiara

    I thought the small size of the tiara absolutely fitted the natural look, with her hair loose and a simple veil. I have never seen a picture of Catherine with her hair up, so I think it was very wise of her to stay simple and be relaxed. :flowers:
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    Christening of Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine: April 14, 2011

    Initially I didn't like Vincent - it is not a common or popular name in Britain. But having heard CP Frederick pronounce it (equal stress), it sounds better than in standard English (VIN-snt). Don't know why, it just does. I will get used to it! Josephine also sounded better when said in...
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    Members of the Royal Family

    Nettie, if you Google Autumn's name (and those of her family members) you might just come up with enough bits and pieces to put together into something resembling a whole! As to whether to have capital letters for royal family or not - it is general practice in written British English to use...
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    Prince William and Catherine Middleton Current Events 8: November 2009-April 29, 2011

    The Queen is going to the Republic of Ireland - a historic event considering the histories of the two countries. William and Catherine won't be going there - but since they have visited Wales, Scotland and England, it would make sense (and make it inclusive) if they visited the fourth part of...
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    Prince William and Catherine Middleton Current Events 8: November 2009-April 29, 2011

    Very well done to both William and Catherine for having mastered the Welsh National Anthem. Welsh is not an easy language (I speak as one struggling to master basic Gaelic (Scottish version, not Irish)!). It is very important and shows respect to the people of the Principality. A very good start!
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    General News about the Danish Royal Family 1: December 2008 - January 2013

    Duke of Marmalade - thanks for posting that picture - I really like it!
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    General News about the Danish Royal Family 1: December 2008 - January 2013

    I believe that the Danish and British RFs are actually in quite close contact. Just because there aren't many 'official' meetings doesn't mean that they are not in contact. I remember seeing Queen Margarethe on the BP balcony at a Remembrance Day ceremony a few years ago. I also know that she...
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    Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Tour of Canada - June 30-July 8, 2011

    It is going to be a bit of a baptism of fire for both of them - William has not done something like this before either. But that is what is in store for them for the rest of their lives and they have to 'learn' somewhere. Canada is a friendly country, of which his grandmother is Queen, and...
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    Incestuous Royal Marriages

    It has always seemed very strange to me that no-one in the Spanish RF realised a very basic biological fact, which was that marrying close relatives was not a healthy practice. This was somethat that was understood by even the most isolated and 'primitive' human societies - who made it 'taboo'...
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    The Duchess of Cambridge: Will she become more popular than Diana?

    Diana came into the British Royal Family at a time when there had been no young, glamourous princess since Margaret and Alexandra's days in the 50s and 60s. (I am extremely respectful of Anne, whose work ethic and responsibility I admire hugely, but she most certainly did not have - and didn't...
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