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    Renaissance royal dresses?

    The Pitti Palace is really worth a look if you can get there. As it's over on the other side of the Arno it's a bit off the tourist track and it was wonderfully peaceful when we were there! I you're going to London, you should try to go to Kensington Palace as well as they have displays of...
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    Renaissance royal dresses?

    Hi PrincessKaimi, I'm not quite sure if it really counts as royalty, but there are a few items of clothing which belonged to the Renaissance Medici family in Florence at the Palazzo Pitti. The items belonged to Eleanora of Toledo and her sons. She was born a Spanish noblewoman. She married...
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    Sarah, Duchess of York Current Events 16: January-May 2011

    I've often wondered if Andrew and Sarah won't re-marry at some point and after HM is gone would seem to be logical. I've always thought there must still be something there as neither of them has re-married or even (as far as I know) had a serious relationship since their marriage ended. I...
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    Strapless Wedding Gowns

    I do not understand the popularity of strapless bridal gowns. Unless you have the perfect body for them and the gown fits perfectly, you neither look good, nor feel comfortable. It is not a good look to see a bride who constantly has to hitch up her gown to ensure some level of modesty! I...
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    Elizabeth II: Oldest British Monarch (Dec 20 2007); 2nd Longest Reign (May 12 2011)

    There's a nice article in the Daily Telegraph which means that the day will not pass by entirely without note: Queen's reign becomes second longest in British history - Telegraph
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    Elizabeth II: Oldest British Monarch (Dec 20 2007); 2nd Longest Reign (May 12 2011)

    She will become the longest reigning monarch on 10 September 2015, when she exceeds Queen Victoria's 63 year and 216 day reign.
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    Elizabeth II: Oldest British Monarch (Dec 20 2007); 2nd Longest Reign (May 12 2011)

    Queen soon to have 2nd longest reign On 12 May 2011 HM Queen Elizabeth II will become the second longest reigning British monarch, when her reign exceeds the length of the reign of George III. There are threads and posts about the celebrations for her Diamond Jubilee next year and Prince...
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    Catherine Middleton's Wedding Tiara: Suggestions and Musings

    Possible wedding tiaras Has anyone considered the possibility that Catherine will wear the Hanover Russian Fringe tiara? This is the tiara which the Queen herself borrowed from her mother for her own wedding in 1947 and which she in turn lent to Princess Anne for her wedding in 1973. I think...
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