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    Princess Stephanie Current Events 1 : Oct.2002 - Oct.2004

    Stephanie does need counselling! How pathetic! Think of what her children are learning from her--
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    Daniel Ducruet & Family

    Daniel is a player--not relationship material.
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    Andrea Casiraghi Current Events 1 : Dec.2002 - Aug.2004

    Okay, is there anyone else out there who thinks that Andrea was better looking a few years ago? Look at him now! He's still far from ugly, but yes--he's super thin (in an unhealthy kind of way) and unkept (hmm, just like his sister). They both smoke vigorously, so I assume that has something to...
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    Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events 2 : Jan.2004 - Apr.2004

    ooops! Maybe they are not "dating," but it certainly looks like something is going on. Wzalina, you would be surprised what can happen when a friend "dates" one of your siblings--if you have or have ever known anyone in that position, it is not exactly comfortable when things go wrong.
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    Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events 2 : Jan.2004 - Apr.2004

    It is a good thing that Charlotte has gone back to a more normal wait, but I agree with many of the posts--she looked better as a younger teen--before her dramatic weight loss and before she started smoking (or at least before we realized she started smoking). I think that she has got to feel a...
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    The International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo 2004 - 2011

    Just to elaborate on my previous statement, my point was that why do Stephanie, Caroline. etc. subject themselves to the obvious damage that the sun does? Sure, it is relaxing to sit at the beach and get a little bronze--but the bad effects are known. Is it a cultural thing? Is it because they...
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    The International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo 2004 - 2011

    In the US, avoiding the sun and using sun protection is something that many women strive for. Stephanie, although still attractive, is so young and showing advanced signs of ageing. Keep in mind that many of these photos are doctored, but you can still see that her skin looks much older than it...
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    Pauline, Louis, Camille Current Events 1 : Jan.2003 - July 2005

    Camille does not look like Grace--the only similarity is the blond hair. She looks a lot more like her father, Raymond--just look at her features. As for Albert being a great dad--a great uncle does not make a great dad--that's a huge step.
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    Grimaldis with celebrities and other royals

    That is NOT Naomi -- look at the wrists -- Naomi is very tall and very thin.
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