Spanish Royals Present the Award to the Exemplary Town of Asturias 2023

  October 21, 2023 at 9:18 pm by

Today, Saturday October 21, Their Majesties King Felipe and Queen Letizia, along with the Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofia, paid a visit to the parishes of Parroquias de Arroes, Pion and Candanal, in the municipality of Villaviciosa. The parishes won this years award of Exemplary Town of Asturias for “having managed to preserve a diversified economy based on local resources and that, at the same time, has allowed a recovery of the social base in recent years thanks to the growth and rejuvenation of its population”.
In Parroquias de Arroes the Royals toured an agri-food and artisan market with local products and greeted the people who gathered up to meet them. Then they attended the performance of the folkloric group “Villaviciosa – Aires de Asturias”.
Afterwards the Royal Couple, the Princess of Asturias and the Infanta visited the church of Santa María de Arroes where they were received by the parish priest of Arroes. During the visit in Parroquias de Arroes took place the unveiling of a commemorative plaque and the presentation of the award.
In Pion the King, the Queen, the Princess of Asturias and the Infanta were received by the Neighborhood Association “El Valle de Pión – Candanal” and visited the headquarter of Centro Tecnológico de la Información y la Comunicación-RuralTech (CTIC), a foundation that “has contributed to the promotion of the area with its technological and social development projects”.
At lunchtime the Royals attended the traditional country lunch Parroquias de Arroes.
The Exemplary Town of Asturias award is presented every year to the Asturian town that has been determined to be the best in “defence and conservation of the natural environment, historical heritage and culture, or in carrying out community works of outstanding solidarity”.
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