King Charles III Receives Foreign Royals Ahead of Coronation

  May 5, 2023 at 11:32 pm by

King Charles III and other members of the British royal family hosted several receptions in London to welcome foreign dignitaries ahead of tomorrow’s coronation.

Late in the afternoon he welcomed guests from overseas, among them members of reigning and former reigning royal families. Queen Camilla did not attend the reception. Among the guests were American first lady Dr. Jill Biden, President Steinmeier of Germany, President Lula of Brazil. Another special guests was the first lady of Ukraine, Mrs. Olena Zelenska, who chatted with the Princess of Wales.

The royal guestlist contained many reigning monarchs such as King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden, King Abdullah II of Jordan, King Felipe VI of Spain, King Rama X of Thailand and King Philippe of the Belgians. The King also welcomed former reigning royals such as Crown Prince and Princess Pavlos of Greece, who were accompanied by Queen Anne Marie, and King Simeon II and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria.

After the offical reception in the palace had ended, various members of the British and foreign royal families went to a private members club close to St. James Palace.
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