Last Day in Kenya for Queen Mathilde and Princess Elisabeth

  June 27, 2019 at 6:13 pm by

Queen Mathilde and Princess Elisabeth started the last day of their working visit to Kenya today, Thursday June 27, by visiting the Kajiado region.
There the Queen and the Princess paid a visit to the Il Bisil Primary School in the Maasai community. The school aims to give “environment protected from violence, exploitation and abuse, and to increase access to education, information about sexual and reproductive health, psychological support and health services”.
The Queen and the Princess talked with the children and the social workers of the school.
Afterwards Queen Mathilde and Princess Elisabeth visited a family in the Maasai Community, a nomadic people in East Africa that mainly travels in Kenya and Tanzania. UNICEF helps the Maasai families by sensitizing them “to harmful practices such as early marriage and female genital mutilation, which are widespread in the community”.
During the visit the Queen and the Princess received as gift typical Maasai beaded headpieces and colourful cloaks.
The last event of the working visit was a discussion with about twenty members of the Maasai Community supported by UNICEF and World Vision Kenya and focused on the harmful practices in the village and surrounding communities of the Kajiado region, and the current efforts of UNICEF and World Vision to combat them.

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