Off To School They Go! Vincent and Josephine of Denmark Begin Primary School

  August 15, 2017 at 2:04 pm by

Denmark’s Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine had their first day of primary school on Monday. The six-year-old twins posed for the media with their parents, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, outside Frederik VIII’s Palace, Amalienborg before they departed for the Tranegård School in Hellerup.

The two youngsters showed slightly different emotions about the new stage in the lives: Princess Josephine was her ever gregarious self, smiling brightly for the cameras and happily answering the small questions thrown her way; while Prince Vincent was more reserved and took a little coaxing to get some responses out of.

They both told reporters they had special pencil cases in their backpacks, and Josephine said she was most excited about English class.

Frederik and Mary confirmed that the twins will be learning in seperate classrooms at the school, where their older siblings Prince Christian and Princess Isabella already attend. “They are each other’s best friends and can see each other in the breaks and at home. But we thought they should have some new comrades,” the Crown Prince said of the decision.

Both parents said they were very exited and happy for their youngest two to be starting school, though Princess Mary did said she was having a little bit of a “hard time” seeing off her youngest children.

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