Princess Mary Hands Out LEGO, Visits Danish Swimmers In Rio

  August 3, 2016 at 6:14 pm by

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark had a few events in today in Rio de Janeiro, first distributing LEGO to children at the EDI Institute for Child Development.

5,000 boxes of LEGO have been donated to 300 Brazilian schools as part of the VisitDenmark campaign and the Danish Business and Growth Ministry’s promotion. The Institute for Child Development runs the ‘Schools of Tomorrow’ program within Rio which provides children in the more vulnerable areas the chance to have an education they otherwise would not have gotten.

Wearing a simple white sheath dress and ballet flats, the Princess spent time playing LEGO with some of the children that are part of the program. “I didn’t know how much exposure they had to it [LEGO] before but they just got straight to building,” Mary said to reporters.

Mary also got the chance – after an outfit change into something more appropriate (sports shorts and a Danish team polo) – to pay a visit to the Danish swim team at one of their training sessions. She posed for photos with the happy athletes, and even took the time to snap a photo with an Australian swimmer who was also in the practise pool!

“I’ll absolutely support Australians – so long as they’re not competing against a Dane!” the Princess said with a smile to one reporter during her LEGO engagement, “But it would be great to get gold [for the Danes] and silver [for the Australians].”

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