Count of Paris Clarifies French Succession

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In a document written to royalty magazine ‘Point de Vue’ Prince Henri of France, count of Paris and head of the house of France, announced that he intends to settle his estate in strict accordance with the French monarchical tradition while keeping in mind the profound disability of his eldest son, Prince François, Count of Clermont: “The fundamental laws of the Kingdom, implemented when the king is too young or unable to reign, means to name his next of kin as a regent supported by a regency council.”

The count of Paris decided to entrust the regency to his second son Prince Jean of France, Duke of Vendôme. Henri’s brother Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans and Jacques’ eldest son Prince Charles-Louis, Duke of Chartres  will also be members of a future regency counsil. They will be joined in the counsil by Dominique Chagnollaud de Sabourret and Stanislas Gouin. The counsil will advice the Duke of Vendôme in decisions he will make on behalf of his elder brother.

Point de Vue approached Prince Jean about the decisions made by his father. He wisely responded that in practical terms the measures will not change much. The duke has already been the legal guardian of his elder brother François for many years. Prince Jean states that:  “it is obvious that, due to his severe disability, François will never be able to function as the head of the Family of France. I will continue to watch over him as I always did.

Source: Point de Vue via la couronne.

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