Yet Another Relative of King Felipe VI Investigated By Tax Services

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Princess Inès of the Two Sicilies, youngest daughter of the late Infante Alfonso of Spain and his wife Infanta Alicia, née Princess of Bourbon-Parma, is being investigated by Spanish tax services for money laundering.

The princess has put the money she inherited from her father -who died in 1964- on a bank account in Switzerland. The princess says that the Swiss bank accounts can easily explained: her father opened them when he was forced to leave Spain and live in excile after the revolution in 1936. The money was controlled by Lombard Odier Javier Martín, manager of her Swiss bank. The princess also claimed that her only assets were her five children with Don Luis de Morales y Aguado.

When the judge asked the princess how much she had inherited from her father, the princess claimed to have no idea: “in the past we were taught not to be concerned with money or to ask questions about it.” The princess also admitted that in 2012 she applied for fiscal amnesty and that each year she received sums from 5.000 to 10.000 euros from her Swiss account to Spain

It is not the first relative of King Felipe VI that is investigated by the tax services. His aunt the Infanta Pilar was named in the Panama papers and his sister the infanta Cristina and her husband Iñaki Urdangarin are being investigated for fraud.

Infanta Alicia and her daughter Inès

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