New Naval Appointments for Prince Andrew, Prince Michael

  February 12, 2015 at 3:42 pm by

It was announced this morning in London that the Queen has approved two new naval appointments for members of her family: the Duke of York and Prince Michael of Kent.

Prince Andrew, Rear Admiral, has been promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral, and Prince Michael, Honorary Rear Admiral in the Royal Naval Reserve, has been promoted to Honorary Vice Admiral.

The Duke’s promotion comes into effect on February 19, his 55th birthday; while Prince Michael’s does so on March 9.

The timing of the promotion for Prince Andrew has caused serious discussion amongst royal watchers, the public and on social media, who wonder if this is the best time to announce – or even provide – the promotion, in light of the accusations made against the Duke by Virginia Roberts in the Jeffery Epstein sex scandal.

“This was approved by the Queen in line with long-standing convention covering military promotions for members of the Royal Family,” Buckingham Palace responded when questioned by reporters.

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