Italy’s Dancing Prince Struck Gold

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Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy (36) who won the Italian version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ 10 days ago, has struck gold with his decision to join the competition. The prince who struggled to be taken seriously for years has now received several interesting offers, among them some from political parties who want him as their candidate for the European elections in June.

Click on image to see photo at Belga

Click on image to see photo at Belga

The grandson of Italy’s last king Umberto II hoped that with his participation in the dancing programme he would be able to improve his image. The prince and his father were only allowed to return to Italy in 2002, after the Italian republic issued a ban on all male members of the Savoy dynasty in 1946. After his father, prince Victorio Emanuele and he returned to to Italy in 2002 only little people seeemed interested and the prince has been looking for an appropriate role ever since.

Emanuele Filiberto tried to participate in the Italian elections but he only received a few votes and was laughed at accordingly. However since his succesful participation in the television dancing competition the prince has received various offers from television stations and Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi as well as two other parties have approached the prince if he wants to one of their their candidates for the European elections in June. The prince said he will decide about this before April 15th. In the main time he is busy with activities in Italy. On 26 March he visited Turin where a book about the history of the Savoy dynasty was presented and where politics were discussed. two days later the Emanuele Filiberto the Royal Society of gymnastics in Turin, this was  first ‘free’ association in Italy and free association and was founded in 1844, during the reign of king Carlo Alberto.

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