Philippe & Mathilde in Mexico – day 2

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Monday was the second day for the Belgian Prince and Princess in Mexico. In the morning, they visited the Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, and his wife, Mexican First Lady Margarita Zavala, at the official Presidential residence Los Pinos in Mexico City. The couple also laid a wreath at the Chapultepec monument.


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After that, the Presidential and Royal couples visited the Castle of Chapultepec, which was the residence of Emperor Maximilian and Empress Charlotte, born Princess of Belgium. Princess Mathilde and the Frist Lady posed before a portrait of the Empress. The Castle is now a museum.

Click on the image to see the entire picture.

Click on the image to see the entire picture at belga.

Later that same day, the Prince and Princess were seen at the Belgian Ambassador’s residence during the Bozar signing ceremony. After that, the paths of the Prince and Princess separated until the evening. While Prince Philippe attended to his duties as head of the economic delegation, the Princess and the President’s wife visited the Centro de rehabilitacion Gaby Brimmer. As usual when children are present, the attention of the Princess went only to them.

Later on Monday evening, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde attended an official dinner hosted by the Mexican President, where Mathilde was again the sunny centre of attention, in a bright yellow top and beige skirt.

For pictures of the second day, see here.
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