Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel visit Dalarna

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The Crown Princess and her husband Prince Daniel have had a very busy few months and in just over 2 months they will celebrate their one year wedding anniversary.

Their 2 day trip began with a visit to Cozmoz, the hippest youth concert hall in Darlarna. But it also has the largest youth disco and Cafe Caoz. Cozmoz has an internship for unemployed young people where they are given the motivation to study or work by being given job training.

The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel also to listened to Marianne Sjöström, who told them about Borlänge’s challenges and her work with children at risk. Patrick Hammond, Michael and Jessica Toivo talked about the work of Peace & Love Foundation – a newly founded non-profit organization whose aim is promoting a better world. The association has four specific areas of focus, children and youth, environment and ecology, diversity and justice, and literacy and education. The association is also trying to do its best to cooperate with the University of Dalarna.

Then the crown princely couple visited the Children’s Houses – a place where children who are suspected of being exposed to violence can escape there life and find some peace and quiet. The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel were given a tour of the premises as well as some information about the house.

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After the visit to the Children’s Houses, the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel went on to visit the Joint forces of James Estate. Joint forces is a place where mostly women and children live and they have a vision to create an attractive, multi-cultural residential area where everyone can feel safe and involved in the community. The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel met with 20 parents and their children. The afternoon ended with a visit to Vika Bread. Vika bread was started in 1923 by Karl-Oskar Andersson and the bread is all still baked completely by hand.

In the evening, Governor Mary Norrfalk hosted a dinner at the residence in Falun for Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

Friday 25th March, saw the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel start their second day visiting Dalarna. The pair visited Lindvallen, where they received information about the municipality Malung-Sälen, Skistars activities and Sälen Trysil airport.

They then went on to visit Experium, which is a huge adventure centre which features activities such as swimming, water slides, bowling, a spa, numerous playgrounds, a movie theatre, restaurants and gyms.

Victoria and Daniel then had lunch, where they heard a story told by Erik and Mats Paulsson about the Sälen ski resort. The pair visited the United States to create a ski resort.

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Prince Daniel began the afternoon by opening up Stephen’s cabin, which is a specialised cottage for families who have been affected by cancer and it’s a place where those people can relax and socialise while feeling safe.

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