Ingrid’s Daughters Visit Grave to Mark 10th Anniversary

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Two Sundays ago, on November 7th, the three daughters of the late Queen Ingrid of Denmark visited her grave at the open-air mausoleum just outside Roskilde Cathedral, to mark the tenth anniversary of her death at the age of 90 on that date in 2000.

As a Danish Queen, a German Princess and a Greek Queen arrived at the Cathedral just before 10:00am, only the precense of four uniformed police and two crown cars indicated to the public that something was happening. The three sisters – Margrethe, Benedikte and Anne-Marie – each laid a wreath at the base of their mother’s grave; a blue one from Margrethe, a pale pink one from Benedikte and a yellow one from Anne-Marie.

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Queen Margrethe also laid a wreath of green leaves in the shape of an anchor at the grave, on behalf of Crown Prince Frederik who was otherwise engaged attending the Hubertus Hunt with the remainder of the Danish Royal Family.

Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the resting place of the majority of Danish monarchs, and several of their spouses, dating back to 1014 and the death of Sweyn Forkbeard I.

Read a biography of Queen Ingrid, born Princess of Sweden, here.

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