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  1. The Royal Families of France: Birthday and Anniversary Wishes 2023
  2. King Louis X/I of France and Navarre and Wives (Margarita of Borgoña and Clemencia)
  3. King Philippe IV/I of France and Navarre and Joan I of Navarre
  4. King Louis VII of France (1120-1180) and Wifes
  5. King Louis XIII /II of France and Navarre (1601-1643) and Anne of Austria
  6. List of Monarchs of France
  7. King Louis Philippe I (1773-1850) and Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily
  8. Prince Philippe, Count of Paris (1838-1894) and Princess Marie Isabelle of Orléans
  9. Saint/Louis IX of France (1226 to 1270)
  10. King Henri IV/III of France and Navarre (1553-1610)
  11. Maria Theresa of Spain (1638-1683)
  12. On this Day in French Royal/Imperial History
  13. Jean, Comte de Paris, Head of the Royal House of France, Wife & Family, Feb 2019 -
  14. Ferdinand Philippe, Duke of Orleans (1810-1842) - son of Louis Philippe I
  15. Death & Funeral of Prince Henri, Count of Paris - 21 Jan. / 2 Feb. 2019
  16. King Charles X of France (1757-1836)
  17. Death of Prince François of France, Count of Clermont; 31 Dec. 2017
  18. Claim of British Monarchs to French Throne
  19. The Rohan (or another) Family
  20. The Lords and Dukes of Bourbon
  21. If France Became A Monarchy?
  22. Succession to the Throne of France
  23. Louis Alfonse de Bourbon as King of Quebec?
  24. Victoire de France & Marie Adélaïde de France
  25. Catherine I of Navarre/Catherine de Foix
  26. Capetian Y Chromosome
  27. Marguerite d'Angoulême (1492-1549), Queen consort of Henri II, King of Navarre
  28. Jeanne d'Albret,Queen of Navarre & Antoine de Bourbon
  29. Children of François I and Claude de France
  30. Marriage of Henri de Navarre & Marguerite de France
  31. Louis Dauphin de France: a french polish alliance
  32. Catherine de Médicis favourite granddaughter
  33. Margaret of Scotland, Dauphine of France
  34. Madeleine de Valois
  35. New Prince of Andorra?