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  1. King Fernando I of León and Queen Sancha of León
  2. King Vermudo III of León and Queen Jimena Sánchez
  3. King Alfonso V of León and Wives
  4. King Vermudo II of León and Wives
  5. King Ramiro III of León and Sancha Gómez
  6. King Ordoño IV of León and Queen Urraca Fernández
  7. King Sancho I of León and Queen Teresa Ansúrez
  8. King Ordoño III of Leon and Queen Urraca Fernández
  9. King Ramiro II of León and Wives (Adosinda and Urraca)
  10. Alfonso IV of León and Queen Ónneca Sánchez
  11. King Fruela II of Asturias and Leon and Wifes
  12. King Ordoño II of Leon and Wifes
  13. King García I of Leon and Muniadona
  14. King Sancho VII of Navarre and Constance of Toulouse
  15. Queen Leonor I of Navarre and Gaston IV, Count of Foix
  16. King Alfonso III of Asturias and Queen Jimena
  17. King Ordoño I of Asturias and Queen Nuña
  18. King Ramiro I of Asturias and Wives (Urraca and Paterna)
  19. King Alfonso II of Asturias and Queen Berta
  20. King Vermudo I of Asturias and Queen Ozenda
  21. King Mauregato of Asturias and Queen Creusa
  22. King Silo of Asturias and Queen Adosinda
  23. King Aurelio of Asturias
  24. Alfonso IX of León and Wives
  25. Fernando II of León and Wives (Urraca of Portugal, Teresa and Urraca López de Haro)
  26. List of Monarchs of Spain
  27. King Fruela of Asturias and Queen Munia de Álava
  28. King Alfonso I of Asturias and Queen Ermesinda
  29. King Favila of Asturias and Queen Froiliuba
  30. King Pelayo of Asturias and Queen Gaudiosa
  31. Princes and Princesses of Asturias
  32. King Sancho II of Castile and Leon
  33. Don Carlos, Prince of Asturias
  34. History and Traditions of the Spanish Monarchy
  35. Native Language Of Philip I of Castile (Philip The Handsome)