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  1. King Carlos III and Queen Maria Amalia
  2. King Carlos IV and Queen Maria Luisa
  3. King Fernando VII and Wives (Queens Maria Antonia, Isabel, Josepha & Maria Cristina)
  4. Queen Isabel II and King Francisco I de Assis
  5. King Alfonso XII and Wives (Queen Mercedes and Queen Maria Cristina)
  6. King Philip IV/III and Wives (Queen Elisabeth and Queen Mariana)
  7. King Philip III/II and Queen Margarita
  8. King Philip II/I and Wives (Queens Maria, Mary, Elisabeth and Anna)
  9. Kristina of Norway/Cristina de Noruega 1234 1262
  10. Spanish Royal Family Assasinations, 1936
  11. Infanta Maria Cristina de Borbon y Battenberg (1911-1996)
  12. Infanta Margarita and the World's Greatest Painting
  13. King Alfonso XIII's Sons and Daughters
  14. Queen Ena of Spain
  15. Funeral & Memorial of Maria de las Mercedes, Countess of Barcelona: January 13, 2000
  16. Tragedy of the Death of Juan Carlos's Brother Alfonso (1941-1956)
  17. Spain Seeks Sainthood For Queen Isabella
  18. Infanta Beatriz Torlonia (1909-2002)