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  1. King Alfonso X of Castile and León
  2. The late Count and Countess of Barcelona
  3. Infante Alfonso, Duke of Galliera and Princess Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  4. Infante Jaime of Spain, Duke of Segovia (1908-1975)
  5. Infanta Isabel de Bourbon (1851-1931)
  6. Princess Louise of Orléans - Grandmother of King Juan Carlos
  7. Infanta Eulalia of Spain, Duchess of Galliera
  8. The Marques de Astorga
  9. Viceroys of New Spain
  10. Infanta Maria de la Paz, Princess Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria
  11. Leandro de Borbon, Natural Son of Alfonso XIII
  12. King Alfonso XIII's Funerals: Rome, Italy (1941) and in "El Escorial", Spain (1980)
  13. Family of Maria de Salinas, Lady-in-Waiting to Catalina de Aragon
  14. King Alfonso XIII of Spain
  15. King Fernando IV 'The Summoned' of Castile and Queen Constança
  16. King Alfonso 'The Just' XI of Castile and Wives (Queen Constanza and Queen Maria)
  17. King Pedro I 'The Cruel' of Castile and Maria Padilla, Queen Blanca, Queen Juana
  18. King Ramiro I of Aragon and Queen Ermesinda (or Gisberga) and Queen Inéz (or Agnes)
  19. King Sancho I/IV of Aragon & Navarre and Wives (Queen Isabel and Queen Felicie)
  20. King Pedro I of Aragon & Navarre and Wives (Queen Inéz and Queen Berta)
  21. King Alfonso I 'The Warrior' of Aragon & Navarre and Queen Urraca of Castile & Léon
  22. King Ramiro II 'The Monk' of Aragon and Queen Agnes
  23. Queen Petronila I of Aragon and Count Ramon IV Berenguer of Barcelona
  24. King Alfonso II 'The Troubadour' of Aragon and Queen Sancha
  25. King Pedro II 'The Catholic' of Aragon and Queen Maria
  26. King Jaime I 'The Conqueror' of Aragon and Wives (Queen Leonor and Queen Yolanda)
  27. King Pedro III 'The Great' of Aragon and Queen Constantia
  28. King Alfonso III 'The Liberal' of Aragon and Queen Eleonor
  29. King Jaime II of Aragon and Wives (Queens Isabel, Blanca, Maria and Elisenda)
  30. King Alfonso IV 'The Kind' of Aragon and Wives (Queen Teresa and Queen Leonor)
  31. King Pedro IV of Aragon and Wives (Queens Maria, Leonor, Eleonora and Sibila)
  32. King Juan I of Aragon and Wives (Queen Martha and Queen Violante/Yolande)
  33. The Spanish Kingdoms
  34. King Amadeo I and Queen Maria Victoria
  35. King Martin I of Aragon and Wives (Queen Maria de Luna and Queen Maragarita)