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  1. King Pedro II 'The Catholic' of Aragon and Queen Maria
  2. King Jaime I 'The Conqueror' of Aragon and Wives (Queen Leonor and Queen Yolanda)
  3. King Pedro III 'The Great' of Aragon and Queen Constantia
  4. King Alfonso III 'The Liberal' of Aragon and Queen Eleonor
  5. King Jaime II of Aragon and Wives (Queens Isabel, Blanca, Maria and Elisenda)
  6. King Alfonso IV 'The Kind' of Aragon and Wives (Queen Teresa and Queen Leonor)
  7. King Pedro IV of Aragon and Wives (Queens Maria, Leonor, Eleonora and Sibila)
  8. King Juan I of Aragon and Wives (Queen Martha and Queen Violante/Yolande)
  9. The Spanish Kingdoms
  10. King Amadeo I and Queen Maria Victoria
  11. King Martin I of Aragon and Wives (Queen Maria de Luna and Queen Maragarita)
  12. King Fernando I of Aragon and Queen Leonor
  13. King Alfonso V of Aragon and Napels and Queen Maria
  14. King Juan II 'The Great' of Aragon and Queen Blanche I of Navarre
  15. King Enrique II 'The Bastard' of Castile and Queen Juana Manuel
  16. King Juan I of Castile and Wives (Queen Leonor and Queen Beatriz)
  17. King Enrique III 'The Sufferer' of Castile and Queen Catherine
  18. King Juan II of Castile and Wives (Queen Maria and Queen Isabel)
  19. King Enrique IV 'The Impotent' of Castile and Queen Juana
  20. King Fernando II/V of Aragon & Castile and Queen Isabel I of Castile & Leon
  21. Queen Juana 'La Loca' of Castile and Duke Philip 'The Handsome' of Burgundy
  22. King Carlos I (or Charles/Karl/Karel V) and Queen Isabel
  23. King Carlos II and Wives (Queen Maria Luisa and Queen Maria Ana)
  24. King Philip V and Wives (Queen Maria Luisa and Queen Elisabeth)
  25. King Luis I and Queen Louise Elisabeth
  26. King Fernando VI and Queen Maria Barbara
  27. King Carlos III and Queen Maria Amalia
  28. King Carlos IV and Queen Maria Luisa
  29. King Fernando VII and Wives (Queens Maria Antonia, Isabel, Josepha & Maria Cristina)
  30. Queen Isabel II and King Francisco I de Assis
  31. King Alfonso XII and Wives (Queen Mercedes and Queen Maria Cristina)
  32. King Philip IV/III and Wives (Queen Elisabeth and Queen Mariana)
  33. King Philip III/II and Queen Margarita
  34. King Philip II/I and Wives (Queens Maria, Mary, Elisabeth and Anna)
  35. Kristina of Norway/Cristina de Noruega 1234 1262