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  1. Principality of Moldavia
  2. Kingdom of Finland
  3. Former Monarchies of Aden, Yemen and the Southern Arabian Sultanates
  4. Former Ruling Families of the Pacific
  5. Royalty of Iraq
  6. The White Rajahs of Sarawak
  7. Royalty of the Kingdom of Laos
  8. Royalty of Macedonia
  9. Talaith Aberffraw - the Royal House of Gwynedd and Wales
  10. Nobility of Hungary, Bohemia & Moravia
  11. Baltic Duchies (Courland, Livonia, Pomerania etc)
  12. The Dukes of Lorraine
  13. The Balkan Monarchies: Restoration and Restitution
  14. Ancient Kingdoms of the Balkans, Greece and Cyprus
  15. Ancient Egyptian Dynasties to the Ptolemies of Egypt & Palestine
  16. Emirate of Bukhara
  17. The Tatar Khanate of Crimea: Genghisid Giray Dynasty
  18. Caliphate of the East: Abbasid Dynasty (750-1258)
  19. The Duchy of Courland 1561-1795
  20. The Ancient Kings of Israel and Judah
  21. Royalty of Madagascar
  22. Ukrainian Royalty
  23. Royal House of Georgia
  24. Monarchies of the Americas
  25. Central African Empire: Emperor Bokassa
  26. Royalty of New Zealand
  27. Royalty of Rwanda
  28. Royal Family of Montenegro
  29. Burma/Myanmar Royalty
  30. Imperial Family of Ethiopia
  31. King Zahir Shah (1914-2007) and the Royal Family of Afghanistan
  32. Royalty of the Malay, Indonesian and Philippine Archipeligos
  33. Royalty of Croatia
  34. Royalty of South Africa
  35. Turkey: The Ottoman Empire - House of Osman