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Originally Posted by Empress View Post
I think that it is just a community of German nationals living in Denmark, but I could be wrong.
No, they are Danish citizen. Süd-Schleswign is today a part of Germany, while the northern part of Schleswig belongs to Denmark, so in both parts ethnical minorities are living: Ethnic Danes in Germany and Ethnic Germans in Denmark. Both minorities are represented in the respective parliaments without the restrictions of a minimum of votes, they have schools in their language, papers etc. For the German Danes of North-Schleswig it was eg important that prince Joachim lives there close to the border, they think they get more attention for their problems, needs and culture this way. So I think what Fred and Mary are doing is showing them that they count as much as the Ethnical Danes for them, which is important whenever you deal with a minority, but especially when it comes to a German minority after what the Germanss did to the Danes in 1940-1945. One has to say that it was the EU which forced both the German and the Danish state to give their minorities more rights and more attention, but no matter who has been responisible - the thing is that the minorities of today feel respected in their cultural identity while building their lifes together with their fellow citizens from the other culture.
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