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King Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía went to the Ruber Clinic, to know their granddaughter, Infanta Leonor, who was born last night. Both were "enchanted" with the birth of the daughter of the Princes of Asturias and they did not dare to say if she resembles more the father or the mother. Doña Sofía described the new born as "chubby, round" and " also quite weeper", although she added that, when they left the clinic, at noon, she was asleep. Don Juan Carlos added that the the girl measures 47 cm.

Their Majestys confirmed that Don Felipe also attended the childbirth "until the last moment" and that, neither they, nor the parents knew the sex of the baby. They said that the date of he baptism is not known yet nor who will be the godparents.

The Infantas and the rest of the Royal Family have still not gone to the Ruber Clinic, because they are all outside Madrid, "but they will come", said the Queen.

Besides, the King, when asked about the chosen name, said that the reason for the choice is that the parents "like it" and Leonor is the name of a "Queen of Navarre, Aragón and also of Portugal", commented the monarch, before leaving the Clinic. The Queen returned to the room, after speaking to the journalists.