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The Princes will spend their vacations in Palma, but everything indicates that they will also visit Asturias, as they did last year. Doņa Letizia loves her home land and it’s probable that she finds a hollow in her vacations to return to Ribadesella, where her paternal grandmother, Menchu Alvarez del Valle, lives.

One of the main fears of the Majorcan authorities arose after the wedding of the Princes, when there were rumours pointing a change in the summer assignments of the royal couple. But this anxiety was cleared up, during the official visit that the Princes made to the Balearic Islands: "For many years of my life, I have been enjoying your hospitality, during the summer vacations, and I myself and the Princess wish to continue enjoying here the upcoming years", said Don Felipe, for the tranquillity of many people.

In any case, this summer, after their stay in Mallorca, it’s very probable that they will spend some days in Asturias, as they did last year. But while that trip is programmed in the heat of Doņa Letizia’s pregnancy, the bay of Palma de Mallorca will receive again, as it has been happening for more than three decades, the whole Royal Family. And this year the attention will be centred again in Doņa Letizia and, above all, in the baby the Princess is expecting in November. But the cameras will also will look for the only daughter of the Dukes of Palma de Mallorca, Irene, that will complete two months in the island.

When August arrives the Princess will be six months pregnant and perhaps the annoyances and nauseas that have affected her, during first part of the gestation, will then be disappeared. But, even so, it is probable that the state of Doņa Letizia won’t advise her to accompany HM the Queen, on board of the Fortuna or the Somni, to follow the regattas.