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Quite the range of casual and formal fashions indeed! Shown the pictures I would've never believed that Marie-Chantal, Mette-Marit and Alexandra were at the same party as say Sofia and Alexia! (Quite a difference from the recent concert in Norway when the Norwegian royals seemed to have co-ordinated their ouftis in cream and gold/yellow tones.)

Mette-Marit was va-va-voom! :p Such a vast improvement from her frumpy, ill-fitting white blouse earlier in the day at the baptism.

Marie-Chantal looked great as well. The colour looks nice on her with her blonde hair and her (slight) tan.

Marie Olympia was adorable in her dress with the tu-tu skirt and white ballet flats.

(Noticed several bows on the royal ladies -- the big pink ribboned bow on Marie Chantal, the grey/taupe bow at the waist of Anne Marie's outfit -- wonder if Mabel was jealous?! :p )

I am presuming that the woman in the white dress is Nikolaos' girlfriend Tatiana? Is this the first time she's attended such a public family function? I know that she went with the family, or at least spent some time in Greece last summer with the family during the Olympics. But I don't recall her at other family celebrations in this manner or being photographed with them.

Originally Posted by norwegianne
Did Haakon and Mette-Marit spend much time with Pavlos and Marie-Chantal when they were in London? I'm just wondering how well Marius would know the other children present.
I didn't think that when Mette-Marit and Haakon spent their year in London studying that Pavlos and Marie-Chantal had made the move to London yet. I think they were still living in Conneticuit at the time, though they certainly would've made visits to London. I thought I recalled Mette-Marit and Haakon spending time with the Earl and Countess of Wessex and Laurentien and Constantijn however.

I guess Marius would be about the same age as Marie Olympia, but being a girl, and Marius giving me the impression of very much being a boy's boy and Marie Olympia being very much a girl's girl, I guess Marius could've played easily with Konstantin and Achilleas. Kids are like that (unlike grown ups!) -- they can just meet and instantly play with each other without any hangups of saying the right thing or making a good impression.

Originally Posted by carlota
i was also wondering... some people said they admired her because of her simplicity and "downtoeathness". at the very beggining this was really true but now i just see her as another shopaholic as marie chantal (i read somewhere that that's how they became friends, because of going shopping together in london) always dressing in valentinos and pradas.... i really dont find any simplicity in this... could anyone explain me or tell me if i understood wrong?
I don't see Mette-Marit as a shopaholic at all. As a Crown Princess who performs many royal duties she needs an extensive wardrobe. (If she didn't have an extensive wardrobe people would complain that she repeats her clothes too much like Letizia does and that she is boring as a style icon.) And just because she owns some designer gowns or Prada purses does not make her a clothes horse. It's not as if every gown Mette-Marit wears is a designer gown, and even if it were, as she does repeat her evening gowns I wouldn't find it terrible. I'm sure we'll see this evening gown at another occasion down the line.

I find it quite baffling how some people complain about how repetitive Letizia's wardrobe is and how boring it is, yet when other princesses show up at an event in a new dress they are suddenly clothes horses or much too glamorous or not thrifty enough.
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