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nce George, Duke of York & Princess Victoria Mary of Teck

Prince George, Duke of York & Princess Victoria Mary of Teck

July 6, 1893, Chapel Royal at St. James Palace, London

The Dress: Made by Mmes Linton and Curtis of Albemarle Street. The pattern of the wedding dress was selected by Princess Victoria Mary of Teck, composed of groups of Rose, Shamrock, Thistle, Lily of the Valley, and Orange Blossom, tied with ribbon, and the design was produced by white silk tissue and silver metal threads intermixed with terry effects on rich white satin ground. The dress was woven at the East London Silk Mills. The long train was perfectly plain, and the front of the dress was of white satin, with three tiny flounces edged with silver at the bottom. The fine old Honiton point lace in which her mother, Princess Mary, Duchess of Teck, was married, was arranged in three flounces just above, and long trails on either side of the flounced space. Two more trails were brought across from the sides at a short distance below the hips, lightly tied together in the centre, where there was a little droop, and then fell to the edge of the dress. The long-pointed bodice was made of the white and silver brocade, and some more of her mother’s Honiton trimmed the top of the bodice and the upper part of the sleeve. A small wreath of orange-blossom was carried all the way round the bust with a little bouquet on each shoulder, and a larger one in the centre, with which a little white heather was mingled.

The Veil: Princess Mary wore her mother's Honiton lace veil, floating backwards, and leaving her face full in view. It was secured with diamond pins, the largest of which was present from Queen Victoria, and a small wreath of orange blossom was placed on the hair.

The Bridesmaids: Princess Victoria and Princess Maud of Wales, sisters of the groom; Princess Victoria and Princess Alexandra of Edinburgh; Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein; Princess Beatrice of Edinburgh, Princess Margaret and Princess Patricia of Connaught; Princess Victoria Eugenie and Princess Alice of Battenberg.

The Jewellery: Princess Mary wore a diamond tiara, wedding gift from Queen Victoria; Diamond rivière necklace, wedding gift from the Prince and Princess of Wales. She also wore diamond earrings and a diamond anchor brooch, wedding gift from Prince George.
--Information and pictures courtesy of pdas1201
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