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On Saturday, all dioceses in the Church of Sweden will hold national grieving services in their cathedrals at 18:00 (6 pm). This is unique; the church has never hosted national grieving services at the same time all around the nation. The Royal Court has announced that the Royal Family intends to attend them around the country:

- The King and Princess Madeleine will attend it in the Cathedral of Uppsala
- The Queen will attend it in the Lund Cathedral
- The Crown Princess will attend it in the Skara Cathedral
- Prince Carl Philip will attend it in the Karlstad Cathedral

As everyday life starts for many people in Sweden this coming Monday 10 January (children starts pre-school, school and adults return to work) a National Gathering for Reflection and Fellowship will be held in the City Hall of Stockholm. According to a press release, the Royal Family will attend as will representatives from the Parliament, political parties and foreign representatives.

The ceremony will start at 11:00 AM, and last for about 45 minutes. Singing, music, poems and speeches by H.M. The King, the Prime Minister and the Archbishop is included in the programme. It will be live broadcasted on SVT, TV4 and Swedish Radio and it is thought to provide an opportunity for people around the country at schools and work places to gather around it for a moment of reflection.
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