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rop81 05-22-2003 06:28 PM

Favourite Royal Tiaras 1
Who / wich country has your favorite collections of Tiaras, or wich is your favorite tiara?

Julia 05-22-2003 07:46 PM

Hi! Great question and a tough one at that. Hmmm, I am not sure I could say that there is a particular collection that I adore. I am very fond of certain pieces from various collections. I love the fringe tiara from Liechtenstein and adore the laurel leaf tiara that used to belong to the Savoy family (sold at auction). So, my tastes are widespread. Having said that I will say that the Bernadotte collection of jewels is magnificent.

Julia 05-22-2003 07:49 PM

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I do like 'Russian style' tiaras. The diamond fringe tiara from Liechtenstein (second from top) is wonderful as is the 'Howe' tiara from England (top).

Julia 05-22-2003 07:52 PM

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Another favorite owned by the duchess of Marlborough...

George 08-13-2003 02:52 AM

The Garland Tiara is my favorite as there is only known 5 in the entire world
which were not returned to the jewelers to be remade into a modern tiara

Fireweaver 08-13-2003 03:51 AM

which garland tiara?

George 08-19-2003 01:26 AM

I read somewhere on this LTR site that some poster asked ab out the tiara
with "spikes" the fringe Russian kokoshnik style tiara that MC was wearing in a
photo: whose it was originally.

Today I got the answer! Originally, there was a Grand Princess of Russian--Hellen
"Ellen " and she was married to the Prince Nicholas of Greece. She never got along
with Princess Alice who was the mother of Pr. Philip (of England). There is a old
photo of Princess "Nicholas" of Greece wearing that identical tiara--that is how
it came into the GRF tree collection and how now it is owned or caretaker for the
"next generation" by HM Queen Anne-Marie! she "loaned it" to MC.

Hope that answers that!


Fireweaver 08-19-2003 03:21 AM

Do you have a picture of Ellen wearing it?
It seems odd that Queen Anne-Marie would have a tiara and not wear it..

George 08-25-2003 02:22 AM

Not really, not every tiara is her cup of tea. The Empress Marie of Russia is
said tgo have gasped at all the jewels and tiaras she was showered with
when she married Alexander III, and she exclaimed if she were to try and
wear a different item each day of her life--she would not be able to wear
all of them as there was so much! But she did not wear all the pieces-
she had some favorites and stuck to them. That was well known.
There is alot the public does not know about from her collection and they never
see the light of day.

George 08-25-2003 02:27 AM

The photo of Grand Duchess (really Grand Princess as there is no such thing
as "grand Duchesses in Russia, that was a misnomer put on by the Germans),
Grand Princess Helen of Russia also known as "Ellen" who married Prince
Nicholas of Greece, she is seen in a photo with that tiara I mention in the
photos pages of the book about Prince Philip's mother Princess Alice of Greece.
I do not have the book on my desk at this moment.

George 08-26-2003 04:23 AM

The lady to the right in photo is wearing a very familiar tiara--saw it on Point De Vue! years ago....its all recycled ! It is not my favorite, sorry. Just recognized it.

The lady to the center is The Archduchess Charles d'Austriche (Ligue), sp. sorry.
and Margaret d'Aquil? will have to ask again, sorry. Old age creeping in. :-)

George 08-26-2003 04:27 AM

I hope I can upload again. Old age is not like new age.

Here is a lovely pic of a garland tiara. One of five still known in existance.
Others were returned to jewelers to be remade into other styles.

Poppy 10-02-2003 06:57 AM

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These are few of my favourite tiaras^^

Poppy 10-02-2003 06:58 AM

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An Austrian tiara

Poppy 10-02-2003 07:00 AM

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1910 tiara

Poppy 10-02-2003 07:01 AM

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A Catier's diadem

Poppy 10-02-2003 07:03 AM

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1906 tiara

Poppy 10-02-2003 07:04 AM

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Diamond Tiara, Cartier 1917

Poppy 10-02-2003 07:11 AM

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Bourbon-Parma tiara

Poppy 10-03-2003 10:09 AM

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Originally posted by justine@Oct 2nd, 2003 - 3:56 pm
This Furstenburg tiara is probably my favorite. I would love to see a really good close up picture of it.
I've found a similar one for you.
Duchess of Alba's diamond & pearl tiara from Royal Jewels of the World.

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