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constance 02-10-2006 06:58 AM

How Much is Too Much??
i am not aware if there's a royal protocol in the manner that they should wear their jewels.

but i personally feel that most of the royals wear too much jewelry such as:
grand tiara WITH
major-bling necklace WITH
mega-carat earrings WITH
huge brooch WITH
bracelets (several of them!) WITH
ice rink-size ring

so the question is how much is too much?

secondly, do you prefer royals wearings their jewelery sets together or mixing them (for example emerald tiara with ruby earrings or sapphire necklace with ruby brooch)? which combinations are glamorous/stylish and which are totally unacceptable?

kindly share your thoughts.

Freedom 02-10-2006 07:13 AM

Constance, I agree with you. I think 'less is more'. Imo, jewelry is meant to accentuate an appearance, not camouflage or distract from it.

As far as mixing jewels, as long as it looks good, I'd say anything goes.

Incas 02-10-2006 07:29 AM

I also think the size of the jewels needs to be proportional to the wearer. There is nothing more comical, and distracting, than a petite lady wearing chuncky jewelry that appears to outweight her.

Little_star 02-10-2006 07:37 AM

It's incredibly easy to wear too much jewellery, but with exception of some of the more extravagant and opulent Royals, like the Brunei Royals, I think most people manage the balance ok.

Marengo 02-10-2006 07:57 AM

The more jewels the better, if you can pull it of. Queen Mary is the perfect example of how to wear as much as possible and still look incredible royal.

Warren 02-10-2006 08:44 AM

More is better

Originally Posted by Marengo
The more jewels the better, if you can pull it of. Queen Mary is the perfect example of how to wear as much as possible and still look incredible royal.

Quite. These pics demonstrate how it should be done, modelled by two of the foremost experts in the field.
pics courtesy Corbis.

Queen Alexandra 1902 Coronation . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . and Queen Mary . . .

ysbel 02-10-2006 08:49 AM

For the rest of us, less is more but for royals, I say the more the better.

Warren, those are two excellent pics of very regal royal women. I love the jewels. I love the diamond chokers leading to the cascading rows of ever bigger diamonds. :)

Josefine 02-10-2006 08:56 AM

but can we compare past royals with todays royals
there were more jewllery in the fashion in the past

who of the todays royal ladies can have to much jewllery on them

norwegianne 02-10-2006 10:50 AM

I think that Alexandra could wear that many jewels, but I think that any royal attempting to emulate her today, might be called out for being overly flaunting. It worked with the style then, I don't think it would work with the current style.

Gita 02-10-2006 11:09 AM

Queen Alexandra was a very beautiful lady, she pulled off wearing that much jewels but that was the fashion at the time. I don't think any royal could get away with it today though.

Personally I think less is more.

HRHAmy 02-10-2006 07:37 PM

I think Queen Elizabeth II is a good example, she can wear the huge jewelry without it looking overloaded on her. Today there are too many royals over doing it such as Queen Sonja of Norway and Queen Silvia of Sweden. I think of the royals as 'royals' so I expect them to show off some impressive jewelry but there is always a limit on these things too. I like Mette-Marit's style.

As for your second question, no I do not like when royals mismatch different color jewelry, I think one should stay in a color scheme and keep it that way. Caroline of Monaco (when she was still 'of Monao') is a great example of this, her style was too gaudy and mismatched for my taste.:)

Warren 02-10-2006 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by ysbel
Warren, those are two excellent pics of very regal royal women. I love the jewels. I love the diamond chokers leading to the cascading rows of ever bigger diamonds. :)

Something to note in the pic of Queen Alexandra: running parallel with her right arm (above the thick diamond bracelet) is a fringe 'girdle'. It is a diamond fringe. Can you imagine? :)

GlitteringTiaras 02-10-2006 11:17 PM

I would topple over wearing, all those beautiful jewels, if I were Queen Alexandra.

Fantastic photos, Warren, thank you.

For me, I believe less is more, but for royals the more the merrier.:)

semisquare 02-10-2006 11:23 PM

i think less is more for example. say i own a tons of jewels. i would wear a tiara with a brooche and bracelet and two rings.i think that would be enought(of couse this would never happen)
or maybe for a day look a nice pair of earrings with a necklace and a bracelet and a couple of rings, i think pearls are a nice stone to wear during the day.

nayeli0016 02-11-2006 01:41 AM

I don't think its important to wear a lot of jewelries to highlight a majestic persona.

Warren 02-11-2006 06:44 AM

Here is a detail of Queen Alexandra's Coronation costume (Corbis) showing some of her amazing array of jewels, and more particularly the fringe 'girdle' or bordeur. Also note the huge diamond sunburst brooch in the centre of her décolletage.

Queen Alexandra's Diamond Bordeur

ysbel 02-11-2006 07:55 AM

Thanks Warren! Queen Alexandra knew how to wear the jewels so as to give us lots of hidden treasures to look for. I didn't notice the diamond sunburst or girdle before.

That was a coronation pic so it was probably required for her to wear a lot of significant jewels but the Leslie Fields book on jewels has a charming pic of Alexandra, her mother, and her daughter at Queen Mary's wedding which showed how well they really could pull off wearing a lot of jewels in a 'normal' situation.

Here is Alexandra, her mother, the Queen of Denmark and her daughter, the Duchess of Fife at Queen Mary's wedding.

Alexandra as usual is quite stunning:

But her mother Queen Luise really has the most impressive turnout.

note the size of the diamonds on her necklace

she decided not to wear the earrings that went with the necklace and decided instead to wear them as brooches

This is an excellent example of using something that in its original form would seem a little gaudy in a less attention getting manner.

Alexandra must have learned it from her mother.

Warren 02-11-2006 08:29 AM

Faced with the dilemma of which of the Cullinan Diamonds I to IV to wear, Queen Mary, being practical, decided to wear them all. At the same time. :)

Another old Corbis pic showing the Cullinans: in the Maltese cross of her Coronation circlet (arches removed); hanging from the lower collet necklace; and two hanging from her breast. Her gown would have required special reinforcement to bear the weight. All four diamonds are massive.

Queen Mary: Cullinans I to IV
(more is better)

Marengo 02-11-2006 08:44 AM

Oh thank you Warren and Ysabel. Although I can understand that Alexandra's coronation extravagance (I just love the fringe-gurdle) is a bit to much for todays royals, I think many of them could wear the same amount as Queen Mary, provided they keep their backs straight and their head high, without looking rediculous.

Crownprincess Mary of Denmark is the only younger royal who dared to wear a lot of jewels these days, I hope more will follow her example.

BTW, does Queen Elizabeth II wear the cullinans often (or 'granny's chips, as they are called at the royal jewels MB)?

Toledo 02-11-2006 08:54 AM

Every time I see Queen Mary comes to mind how strong her genes were, the Windsors that descended from her inherited the strong features on her face instead Alexandra's more soft ones. The most noticeable part is the area between the nose and the chin and the wide separation between the lips and nose (no offense but think of Fred Flinstone's), that's the main trait that identifies them. Speaking of English Royals, I'm watching right now on the DVD Elizabeth R, the episode were she is about to marry Catherine De Medici's wild youngest son!

Now, on jewels, I thought some of them came in sets, you know, matching earrings, necklace and tiara. But on an official event the mix and match looks fine as long as the gems are either the same color or the same stone. :cool:

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