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sneeuwklokje 07-25-2008 07:12 AM

But Victoria is a whole different story. She is groomed to become a reigning Queen, while the others are "only" to become Queen Consorts.
It's difficult to pick one. Maxima looks to be very well adapted and hard working, on the other hand she has an awfull lot of holidays and half the time she doesn't seem to care about how she looks. Mary is always inpeccable, but imo a bit faky and shallow. Maybe I go for Mette-Marit as well.

grim_lady 08-12-2008 08:09 PM

I think all of the women represent their countries--regardless of if they are adopted or not--with the dignity and grace I feel a Crown Princess should possess. The major difference between the women is their different personalities which I believe gives each of the Crown Princesses their own approach to being a Princess. Still I had to vote for Victoria because, like many other people observed, she has been groomed since childhood.

I am impressed with Camilla because she and Charles have a messy past (I don't need to explain the particulars so I'll leave it at that) and there are many people with loyalty to Diana that despise Camilla. She is the constant target for jokes and has had to deal with so much ridicule that I feel bad for her. Yet she takes it all in stride and goes on about her royal duties regardless.

Lastly, I think Mette-Marit is maybe the least professional, not that she embarrassing to her country but that she seems to be a personable woman. There is a quality about her that makes her seem so normal and I think that she behaves with more natuarlity than the other princesses. I don't get the vibe from her that there is anything phony about her--I believe she is genuienly passionate about the charities she supports and that it means more to her than just being a chore she has to do because she is a princess. She seems real, which can be better than professional at times.

sunsh1n3 08-12-2008 08:21 PM

I think that Letizia is the most professional. She works hard for her country while being critized for every single thing she does. From how she dresses, to her shoes, her past, how she is raising her children, etc. I think she and Felipe make a formidable team.

QUEENECE29 11-15-2008 01:13 PM

CP Mathilde
CP Maxima
CP Victoria
CP Mette-Marit
CP Mary
CP Letizia

lyndaW 11-15-2008 02:57 PM

1. CP Mathilde (she is a natural)

2. CP Letizia (she works hard, always smiles)
3. CP Victoria (groomed since birth---BUT, Daniel is not a good choice for her Country--and that does count)
4. CP Maxima (whatever she undertakes she does it with such joy & exuberance).
5. CP Mette-Marit (still shy and unsure of herself,but truly does try very hard).

ikram 11-15-2008 03:19 PM

Princess Letizia of Course without any hesitation

Laurentienne 11-15-2008 07:01 PM

It is really hard to feel sure that the choice is correct. There are CP's I know very little about. But my impression from what I've seen of them in the media, my pick would be like this: (and media is not always reliable)

1. Mette-Marit of Norway

2. Victoria of Sweden

3. Mathilde of Belgium

4. Mary of Denmark

5. Maxima of Netherlands

6. Letizia of Spain

In the poll I voted for CP Mette-Marit

BeautyLeonor 11-15-2008 07:20 PM

In my opinion CP Letizia, CP Maxima and CP Mathilde do really lovely and magnificent jobs!

Lady Claire 11-17-2008 06:01 AM

I voted for Victoria.
I think that the Duchess of Cornwall is doing a fantastic job considering the past...:thanksgiving:

agami.pearl 11-17-2008 09:47 AM

Victoria of Sweden :)
She's a great princess, in the future she will be a great quenn.

Bonbon 11-17-2008 10:46 AM

Victoria of Sweden is the most professional Crown princess. She will be a wonderfull queen.:flowers:

lyndaW 11-17-2008 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by lyndaW (Post 853580)
1. CP Mathilde (she is a natural)

2. CP Letizia (she works hard, always smiles)
3. CP Victoria (groomed since birth---BUT, Daniel is not a good choice for her Country--and that does count)
4. CP Maxima (whatever she undertakes she does it with such joy & exuberance).
5. CP Mette-Marit (still shy and unsure of herself,but truly does try very hard).

I did not put Masako on the list as she has been ill for most of her married life, and although I admire Marie-Chantal she doesn't actually have a Country to work for.

ANNIE_S 11-24-2008 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by ZandraRae (Post 458366)
Victoria of Sweden, closely followed by Letizia:)

Im agree. Victoria is, of course, the most professional CP, but she is a really Crown Princess!
From the others princesses, I would choose Mathilde and Letizia. Although they are very differents, I like both of them. They really work very hard for their countries.

Josefine 02-26-2009 09:26 AM

Victoria is in a big lead

i think she should maybe be in the crown prince poll

iakynthi 02-26-2009 03:52 PM

Judging by the professionalism,I choose Letizia.She always gave me the impression that she works hard.

4Pam 03-02-2009 09:00 PM

I say CP Victoria she really comes off as a professional and has that 'lets-get-down-to-business' aura. My next are Maxima and Mary

Simply Amazing 07-04-2010 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by Toledo (Post 371151)
Who is the most professional Crown Princess?

Define professional. Or maybe what does it mean to you?

A person can look professional and be a slacker. Every Crown Princess has a set of activities planned through the year that are related to their particular country and adapted to any unexpected events that happen all of the sudden. The activities of one Crown Princess can't be put to weight against another Crown Princess because the circumstances are different. For Example, the activities Princess Caroline (current lead heir to her brother Albert II) are of a different nature than those of Princess Mette Marit of Norway. And so on an so forth.

Wow, that's amazing. I never really thought of it in those terms, but I suppose you have a point there. I've read nearly every book in the English-speaking language on Princess Grace of Monaco (paying close attention to her life and role as first lady) and other than her "charitable" obligations and onerous duties in the palace, her work (if you can even call it such) pales in comparison to that which is required of the princesses in countries such as Spain, Denmark and Norway.

I've also read on the lives and achievements of "senior" royal women in Britain (particularly, Queens Alexandra, Mary, Elizabeth (the mother, not the daughter) and Princess Diana) and noticed a stark contrast in the evolving role of a royal princess/queen. Of course, I know it was never all glittering jewels and picture-perfect smiles (that only happens in the Disney fairy-tales), but I never really appreciated the genuine efforts they make on an every day basis... while making it appear to the "rest of us" as though it were some type of "second skin."

Personally, from my own careful research, there are a few royal women who should be celebrated for their work on behalf of real issues affecting not only their future subjects, but also others from around the world - Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (anti-bullying campaign and promoting tolerance), Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway (educating the world on and working to eradicate HIV/AIDS) are just two of them. The two are from very different backgrounds, yet they appear to be handling themselves well in the midst of trying circumstances (working for the good of their countrymen, adjusting to "protocol" and other issues specific to living in a palace, raising a family and keeping your sanity, all while having the ever-prying eyes of the media upon you).

NoorMeansLight 07-05-2010 09:25 AM

That's by far CP Victoria of Sweden, the only true European Crown Princess.;):flowers:

JonasBee 07-05-2010 06:05 PM

IMO Victoria should not be included in this group as she is NOT a consort like the others.
Most professional for me would have to be Duchess of Cornwall who does not try to outshine her husband.

Dierna23 07-05-2010 06:40 PM


I second that. Both statements. It's admirable (IMO) how the Duchess of Cornwall has developed.

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