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saphills 01-31-2006 01:56 PM

CP Victoria
CP Maxima
CP Mathilde

...and P Alexandra of Denmark (I know, she's not a CP...but anyways, I think she is very professional):)

laduchesse 01-31-2006 08:03 PM

I voted Princess Mathilde because I think she is the best "all-around" CP (I'm not including Victoria in my considerations as I think she should be in a separate category).

Princess Mathilde is a hard-working and I appreciate the role she has played in the micro-credit field (I also appreciate what CP Maxima has done as well). CP Mathilde focusses on both national and international causes. She has done a superb job supporting her husband and in-laws in their royal roles and responsibilities and she has earned herself favourable reviews for her own accomplishments. She always appears genuine and polite, as well as down-to-earth. She seems like a very devoted mom as well.

hilal 02-01-2006 06:22 AM

1. Mary of Denmark
2. Letizia of Spain
3. Victoria of Sweden

alyssaphoebe 02-01-2006 01:56 PM

Princess Mary of Denmark, Princess Maxima of Netherlands and Princess Letizia os Spain! :)

Princess Luna 02-01-2006 01:59 PM

CP Mary of Denmark:)

selrahc4 02-02-2006 03:44 PM

I agree with the others who voted for Victoria. She is the only one of the list who is a true CROWN Princess, as she will one day be sovereign.

Josefine 02-02-2006 04:03 PM

i am thinking that many people vote for the one they like the moust
Victorias role is so much different then the others as she is in queen training on a other level then the others

so for me victoria should be in the poll with the heir of the thrones and becouse of that i would vote for mathilde

princess olga 02-02-2006 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by melissajames
Victoria - she has never given me the impression that she wished she was somewhere else or someone else when she's on the job.

I like Victoria but the most professional....not lately: remember the incident where she was snappily telling a reporter that she wouldn't want to have children if they'd turn out to be someone like him?! That's really totally off base, if you ask me.
But I do have a soft spot for Victoria and can imagine that being hounded all your life will sooner or later make anyone snappy, if only for a bit!

Now as far as answering "Who is the most professional Crown Princess?"

I'm totally with Toledo: It's impossible to know.

For one, royalty is all about smoke and mirrors. If these royals do a good job, they have a good well oiled PR machine so that the perception of us tax payers is that these royals are just great, great, people who really really care about their respective countries and altruistically gave up the chance to walk anonymously to the grocery store in lieu of jetting in to photo opps in schools, hospitals and tsunami-stricken areas.

If we're talking about public perception, it's of course a PR thing but all the same, it's also very much in the eye of the beholder. Why does one person like, say, French cheese while someone else doesn't? Just like with these crown princesses, it's impossible to determine who does the best job.

And the best job of doing....what exactly? There is no formal definition for royal spouse, other than securing offspring and being a pillar of support for their respective royal husbands. So as far as these two criteria go, ALL crown princesses are doing their job correctly I think.

In terms of supporting their husbands, Letizia is doing a great job at that, in deliberately <sharing> the spotlight with her spouse. So is Mette Marit. And so is Mathilde. These three seem to be aware that the point is to share the lime light with the spouse, rather than hog it.

Other crown princesses, Maxima for example and, sorry fans, Mary, seem to rather <hog> the spotlight for themselves than making sure it's their husbands who shine. Of course, especially Maxima can't help being way way better looking than her husband: the same was the case with Diana at the time: she just had so much more charisma than Charles.

popy 04-08-2006 12:45 PM


Lauritas138 04-08-2006 04:20 PM

CP Letizia of Spain or Asturias

michelleq 04-08-2006 07:44 PM

1. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
2. Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium (A very close second)
3. Crown Princess Maxima
4. Crown Princess Mary
5. The Duchess of Cornwall

I put the Duchess of Cornwall fifth because she came into this game much later than the others plus with the negative opinion of her due to her past. She may not have as many engagements as the others, but she does her best and is especially sensitive to others and because of her past (imho) she tries not to offend. She is a doing superb job. I am not a fan of Mary, but she does work hard at what she does.

Cascadia 06-15-2006 05:35 AM

I checked the poll and if we remove Victoria then it's Mathilde the one ahead, at least tonight. I think is her no nonsense style and personality, she looks as the type of person that does not need to prove anything to anyone. Her presence, in the photos I've seen, seems to is enough to realize she is a brilliant young consort. I don't get the same vibe on Mary or Letizia. Maybe because Mathilde was like almost born and prepared to the role of being a future Queen. They only one that I compare to her is the consort Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. She and Mathilde of Belgium really look like characters with a magnetic personality that enters a room and everything and everyone gravitates toward them. I think they are called type A personality.[/QUOTE]

Ditto, Toledo.

flcty 06-15-2006 06:07 AM

:) Victoria of Sweden
:) (by pples opinions) Mathilde of Belgium
1: Victoria at Bangladesh back in 2005.

ZandraRae 06-16-2006 05:19 PM

Victoria of Sweden, closely followed by Letizia:)

WordRider 06-30-2006 07:37 PM

Crowed One
Crowed One:In that Princess Camilla of swordCornwall.

Beautiful Flowers May God make come to pass!


adelaide 07-01-2006 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by ZandraRae
Victoria of Sweden, closely followed by Letizia:)

I agree with you. This two Princess are doing a great job. One because she the Crown Princess by the blood and she DO her duties.

The other, Crown Princess by wedding and she accept to be beside her husband to help him a lot in difficult fight to the throne.

Maxima and Mathilde are good Crown Princess but their duties are easier.

Mette Mary is a very good help for Haakhon but their tasks are not at all difficult.

Honestly, I don't see very well the professionalism of Mary execpt her taste for the fashion !

Avalon 07-01-2006 04:10 PM

In my opinion (random order)
Letizia of Spain, Mathilde of Belgium, Duchess of Cornwall, Victoria of Sweden. All of them do magnificent jobs.
I might have named Crown Princess Victoria as absolute number 1, had it not been for the fact she was born one, while the others had to go the hard way and sort of learn everything.

patty 07-01-2006 05:51 PM

Victoria because she know that she born to be Queen
Mary is an excellent selfmade "professionall Princesse", she had a full note-book and she done it perfectly, most of times alone....

soCal girl 07-01-2006 06:39 PM

I would have to say Victoria and Mathilde. The other Crown Princesses are also professional and are doing a very good job but there's something about Victoria and Mathilde. Both of them exude professionalism (If that makes any sense at all :D).

Josefine 09-20-2006 05:02 AM

i must say there is a very close race with the moust of them but i think as many others victorias role is so much differnt thne the ithers

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